Has the 25 cm kelly design been changed?

  1. I heard a rumor that the new 25 cm kellys have an elongated handle that is not attractive. Does anyone have any info on this. Please tell me it isnt true and that the existing design will be continued !! I was so hopeful of a 25 cm black togo soupple kelly with palladium hardware in my future.

  2. Oh gosh - not that I know of! I was in Hermes yesterday talking to my SA about 25cm Kellys and she did not mention it. I asked her why my 25cm Kelly was taking so long and she advised that 25cm Kellys just seem to take longer. No mentioned of changed design. I'll ask her again (she is the store manager) next time I see her.

  3. Ninja Sue-:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: What color/HW and leather Kelly 25cm did you order...May I ask..?
  4. AM, back in January of 2005, I ordered a rouge H chevre sellier Kelly with gold h/w. In June, my SA told me that Hermes cancelled my order because they were having quality control issues with rouge H. So, in changed my order to vermillon chevre sellier with gold h/w. One plus years later, still waiting.... :confused1:
  5. Thank you for sharing! That sounds gorgeous!!! I just saw your vermillion red GP! :heart:

    I LOVE red. It looks like your favorite color is red as well:flowers: !
  6. Yup, I LOVE red. But after seeing your bi-color Kelly, I asked my SA to keep an eye out for a GREEN Kelly for me! Must - have - green - Kelly!!:nuts:
  7. :yes: :P :love:
  8. It sounds like you're describing the standard Kelly with built in shoulder strap not the standard rolled handle with detachable shoulder strap.
  9. I am really confused. A couple of weeks ago I saw a 25 cm kelly in raisin - it looked more or less like a 28 kelly but was slightly smaller. My Sales Associate today told me she had seen 25 kellys recently come in that were different in design, but I wasnt clear whether what she was describing was a longer top handle that went over shoulder, instead of the dual shoulder/top handle configuration that is standard on the modern kellys, or whether she meant it simply had a shoulder strap instead of a top handle. Either way, I was interested in the 25 cm kelly style that was the same design as the 28 only smaller. She was not sure whether that one would continue to be made. Are there two types of 25 cm kellys maybe? sorry to be asking these dumn questions, I am just not that familiar with the kellys at the big and small ends of the spectrum, as I have only gotten bit by this "25cm kelly" bug lately.