Has that "fringe" Speedy come out?

  1. A while ago, I remember seeing a couple photos with Marc Jacobs and Gisele. Gisele was holding a speedy that had raffia-looking strips hanging off of it. Is it possible to see it anywhere, and what is this collections name?
  2. Sorry I can't help you with the collection name. I saw it in the 'Look Book' last week. The retail price is $3500 CAD. Hope this helps.
  3. you can see it on the vuitton website when you look under fashion. there isnt a picture but it plays a movie of the runway show and there are so many unique bags!
  4. I thought my LV SA said it was coming out in June, around the same time as the Damier Speedy...
  5. Yeah..you can put your name on the list for it (it's just called the Fringe line in the look book), if they ever get them in since they're runway pieces. I was interested until I learned the price would be $3080. It's definitely not worth it..the charms that hang off the fringe make it look very cheap and it's just a waste of money, IMO. If I were going to spend that much money, I'd get a Suhali, not this one. Maybe if it were half that price I'd consider it but ugh. I can find better bags to buy :P
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]

    Love the style, but the charms are very tacky.

  8. I know what you mean, they told me it was $2900 here (HI prices are slightly lower). It just doesnt LOOK like it has that price tag. I heard that the pieces themselves are beautiful in person though :biggrin: I might break down and get one, but I doubt it.
  9. It's not available yet. I don't think I can go further than the fuscia denim, if I am to be taken seriously, but knowing my girly side....I will probably love the sound of the beads:lol:
  10. It would keep you occupied!

    I would have to see this bag in person first. It might look like a circus or it might look great
  11. i love the MC bucket but not the fringe
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  13. ^opps...Soory About That^

    I Like The Bucket...Very Cute (Not Sure If It's Cute Enough For That Price!).
  14. Lvbabydoll ~ Thank You So Much For The Great Pictures!!!
  15. No problem :smile:
    Those were the pictures that made me fall in love with the bags. But really, after all this time, I can't justify the price. :/