Has St. Louis quality improved for 2017-2018?

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  1. Hi, The St. Louis is the perfect style I've been looking for, but in reading the forum it seems in 2015-16 there were lots of posts about the decreased quality of the bag. Wondering if it just went through a bad spell of quality control and the problems have been resolved for newer bags? Anyone have an experience to share with a post-2016 St Louis?
  2. Well, I think I can weigh in some on this. :smile:

    So my first Goyard (I have only Hermes, Moynat, and a Faure le Page bags so far) was an Artois. This has become my preferred work bag as the canvas is so much thicker than the St. Louis and the zipper makes it a lot easier to throw underneath the plane seat (I travel a lot for work). I had hoped my zippered Faure Le Page would fit that bill since the canvas on it feels thicker but for me it narrowed too much in the base that I felt like my computer would sit awkwardly in it.

    Anyhow - long story short and more to the point of your ask - I couldnt get out of my head how effortless and "soft" in a great way that the St Louis is. My Artois is thick and it is much more firm. I wanted that kind of soft bag that I could fold in on itself, that I could fold into my suitcase and would be super flexible and light. So while in NYC this week I felt like I HAD to get a St. Louis GM.

    One thing that I noticed on my new bag is that the handles are finished much like my Artois handles and I don't think I will be seeing cracking. The new handles that I have on my Goyard don't appear to have been coated with a wax like puffy paint but are rather seem more burnished and reminds me similarly of edging paint folks like Hermes uses.. here is the pic of the traditional handles of the St. Louis and then my new one.

    First pic is a close up of handles posted on this forum before

    The second is the new handles


  3. Thanks for weighing in. your input has been very helpful. I have been thinking of getting a St Louis, but always been holding back because of the 'quality issues'. Thanks for the assurance :flowers:
  4. The coating on the straps do look different. However, I’d hold out and see if other St. Louis totes purchased recently look like this. When I had the cracking problem with my handles Goyard refused to do anything about the handles and insisted it was natural for the handles to crack. If they don’t believe there’s a quality issue then I personally don’t see why they’d make any changes to the bag. They’re overpriced for what they are yet women keep buying them. So what is the incentive for them to provide a better quality tote?
  5. I am sure if it was the older coated version (it kind of looked like the "finish" I see on bags made by folks like Coach) I could see it cracking and peeling off.

    I think at the end of the day they revisit their products (I have a card holder they no longer make for whatever reason) and it probably was a change they made when they saw how successful the handles were with the Artois. I can say I abuse the heck out of my Artois and overburden it A LOT - and the handles are in great shape.
  6. I really want a St. Louis because I'm not into the LV neverfull. My only hold back from getting one is the quality issue. I hope Goyard listen to their customer.
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  7. I will make a point to check back in a few months to share photos about the handles (on both the Artois and the St. Louis) so that folks have an idea!
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  8. My mum’s anjou that she purchased in early 2017. Apart from the usual crack that she seemed not too bothered, I didn’t really hear her complain of anything else.

  9. I think the quality is definitely good! I purchased my black St Louis in July 2017 and have been using it nonstop since. I take it to work and weekend outings and carry a lottttt of stuff in there. I don’t have any issues so far. I don’t treat it gentle either. I would recommend it for sure and I’m tempted to get another one
  10. I have both a St. Louis and a Bellechasse and prefer the Bellechasse for work and carrying my laptop. I wore out the St. Louis and now I use it as a very casual bag or a gym bag. I think you have to set your expectations with a St. Louis. It’s not as durable as a Neverfull but imo they look better. If you want a workhorse Goyard, the Artois, Bellechasse or one of the messengers is the way to go.
  11. Louis Vuitton has a new tote called the All in. It’s a tote with thicker straps then the NF and has a zippered closure.
  12. Hi lovetheduns

    Mind sharing how it’s going four months later?

    Thank you!
  13. I was wondering if you could tell when your St. Louis was made? I have a yellow pm made in 2015 and a Black gm made in 2016, now I’m worried they’re part of the “bad bunch”? My yellow’s straps resemble the older version and my black kinda looks like the newer version. Thanks!
  14. I visited the Mount Street store recently to try the St Louis GM, the black/tan version they had in the store had the same handles as before and they were already showing some cracking, whereas the black handles looked like a different finish and no cracking, hopefully they roll out the 'new' handles on all colours!
  15. Just thought I would add this for reference. This was just purchased in Paris last month. I think it’s the older version of the glazing? I’m trying to compare to the grey picture of above. Maybe it’s not quite as puffy? I don’t know :smile: lol.
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