Has someone replaced a Keepall zipper?

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  1. Has someone here replaced a Keepall zipper? Does it look nice afterwards? Will it be visible holes where the old seam was?
    I'm just wondering because the fibres on the zipper-ends are shaggy/hairy, and that's only after 2 years.. Probably not something to worry about, but it drives me crazy..
  2. When LV does a zipper repair they're very meticulous about threading through the same holes as to prevent any damage to the canvas but if you're considering a replacement just because the zipper-ends are fuzzy then, depending on the severity, you can just neatly trim off the stray fibres. Even if you chose to replace then there's no guarantee that the new zipper won't do the same thing in another 2 years time. I have a Speedy that frayed a bit and I just nipped off the fuzzies...that was nearly 13 years ago and I haven't had any additional fraying, let alone unravelling, since.
  3. Ok, thanks. I tried to cut of some of the fibres with a sharp siccor, but I think that made it even worse..
  4. would nail clippers work a bit better/less pulling?