has shrug been discontinued due to defects?

  1. salesperson at Barneys told me no more shrugs will e ordered lots of complaints w/ thsi bag and balenciaga confirmed they had been dicontinued -was this b/c of awkward flap and stiff leather? :confused1:
  2. not sure why it's discontinued but my black shrug is gorgey :love:
  3. I would be curious to know about the complaints...I just thought it wasn't a big seller so Balenciaga discontinued it. I have one and I never thought the flap was a problem, you can get into the bag whether you lift the flap over or under the strap.
  4. I was literally on the verge of buying one until I was told that there was a problem with them...

    If it is only due to the fact they dont sell as much, then that doesnt bother me as I love the unique style of the shrug...

    If it has to do with quality and defects, well thats another story!
  5. I think the shape just didn't take off with people. I love mine and haven't had any problems with it at all - it's from fall 05 and the leather is just gorgeous, and the quality of construction is beautiful as any other b-bag. I don't understand what the SA could have been referring to.
  6. yep i would think the shrug is being discontinued just bec its not one of the more popular bags, like the moto... (remember all those sale shrugs recently?)... i love mine, though, no problems so far... even the flap doesnt bother me, i think its unique... and the stiff leather, well i've learned the leather gets really smooth with use... my shrug had some stiff leather spots but with use even that is not a problem anymore... overall im more than happy with my bag :yes:
  7. Didi mentioned that she had one with a tear in it from the store. Mine has a dark spot and 2 spots where the leather is weaker and it looks more distressed/cracked almost.
  8. I've got a magenta one, and the leather is as soft as any other bbag I've seen or had.
  9. I have what I think it is a caramel, and I just won a gray. I think the shrug is cute and comfortable.
  10. ^^ ditto, mine is super-soft too:tender:
  11. I have an '06 Lilac shrug that has broken into lovely soft, squishy leather bag. It started out highly buffed like a hard shine to the leather and with loving use has really mellowed out in a wonderful way.

    No problems with the leather or hardware. It just wasn't a popular style, especially compared to the Day hobo.

    I think a few bags get damaged at the store and go on final sale, but I've never heard of more problems with the shrug.