Has she moved on ?

  1. Jessica Simpson heats up love life with Cook

    Plus, ‘diva’ Simpson won't be headed for Southfork after all

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    Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson reportedly “couldn’t hide their feelings” for each other at a Hollywood hotspot, even though the two maintain that they’re “just friends.”
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    By Jeannette Walls

    Updated: 2:47 a.m. ET June 28, 2006

    Has Jessica Simpson found love?
    While her ex hubby Nick Lachey has been linked with her former friend Vanessa Minnello, Simpson is reportedly getting hot and heavy with comedian Dane Cook, her co-star in their forthcoming flick “Employee of the Month,” according to Life & Style Weekly. “Sparks flew” during the filming of the movie over the winter but Cook was still with his longtime girlfriend Racquel Houghton.
    Last week, Cook and Simpson “couldn’t hide their feelings” for each other at the Hollywood hotspot Hyde, according to the mag, even though the two maintain that they’re “just friends.”
    “They looked like two people trying not to look like a couple but who really wanted to rip each other’s clothes off,” a “witness” told L&S, which also reports that at 2 a.m. the two planned a rendezvous at a gas station.
    No trip to ‘Dallas’ for Simpson
    Simpson may have snagged herself a new man, but it looks like she lost a big role.
    The former “Newlyweds” star was widely mentioned as the frontrunner for the part of Lucy Ewing in the big screen remake of “Dallas.” But, according to US Weekly, “Click” star Katie Cassidy has snagged the part. The 19-year-old actress is perhaps best-known for her role in “7th Heaven,” and is also the daughter of former teen idol David Cassidy.
    “Dallas” also stars Jennifer Lopez, who reportedly didn’t want Simpson cast in the flick. “She’s hoping for a no-name actress [to play Lucy Ewing],” a source told the mag in May. “Jennifer didn’t want a diva on the set.”
  2. Wouldn't doubt if it had more to do with JLo not wanting her than another actress being chosen. It seems that many actresses never want to have someone take over the spotlight. Wait...isn't JLo a diva herself???

    Hope Jessica is happy...she deserves to have a bit of happiness
  3. I think every guy that'll want to get with JS in the future should remember the hefty baggage she comes with. Any guesses on how heavy pimp/daddy Joe is?:lol:
  4. :lol: That's so true.