Has Roxanne reached the end of the line...?

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  1. While in Dublin over the weekend, I called into the new Mulberry boutique in Brown Thomas. I got chatting to the SA about Mulberry old and new and she said that Mulberry was going to phase out the Roxanne and replace it with the Alexa :nuts:
    Has anyone else heard this? Is the Roxy era over ? Does she not fit the Mulberry image any more?
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    :wtf::faint: ( Speachless )
  3. I wondered as my local store had them discounted and haven't restocked.
  4. Oh my! Maybe I now need to get the Roxanne I've always wanted...
  5. The SA said there was little sale for them now- their time has passed she thought :wtf::shocked:
  6. Wow, obviously alexa is being pushed hard at the mo, but would be sad to see the roxy icon demoted. I love roxy and would really like to own one in the future. It is not a comfortable bag by any means but damn, i think that she is very hot!
  7. A SA at the JL where I went to see the Alexa said then that she thought the Alexa was a "season or two shape" NOT an "icon", but she did also said that people aren't interested in the Roxanne any more...too buckly and blingy and too copied. I love my Roxy tote, but couldn't get on with the shoulder bag, but I always think it looks great on other people, but if they're becoming extinct I may HAVE to have one for historical reasons...
  8. i think it wud be silly of mulberry to phase out one of their main iconic styles...i always see roxanne and bays as being classics forever....i guess the roxy sales hav dipped with all the newer bag styles they've been churning out...
  9. No, really?????!!!!!???? I can't believe roxy is to be phased out - I thought she'd always be around :wtf::shocked: However I do admit I don't see that many around London, I see many more bays. Mulberry themselves say it's an icon so I really really hope they will be around for a long while yet :wondering
  10. I was very surprised to hear it too- I too thought that Roxy and Bays were Mulberry standards. Maybe the SA got it wrong??
  11. Oh gosh! I always liked the idea that there were a few iconic bags that just remained season after season. I like the roxanne style too!
    I have e-mailed Mulberry as I am now really curious.
  12. Could they be trying to scare up sales?

    I don't really think so myself TBH. I don't understand why Annie ,Mollie & Emmy to name only 3 were discontinued. I prefer all of them to Roxy now.
  13. oh no! Hope it's just a false rumour. It's so Mulberry... I need to get my hands on an oak one asap. They don't have many on their website though, and none in their look books, so I have been wondering a little silently. But hoping they will keep this icon in the three classic colours though.
  14. Especially Annie seems still to be so popular (at least in here). If roxy doesn't sell so much anymore, it is understandable. But don't want this to be the case...
  15. Im sure there was a post recently from one of our lovely US ladies who said that the SA's in Madison Ave store in New York said they wouldnt be stocking it any more ... due to poor sales possibly .. ahh Im too tired :nuts:

    (I hope I didnt dream that y'know!!) :P