has pomme d'amour met it's end?

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  1. did LV pull pomme from production - oh please say it ain't so. i was just about to purchase the roxbury drive, but they are all gone.

    p.s. i'm a grammar freak, so please ignore my misuse of "its" in the title!!!!
  2. I haven't heard anything about this at all. I don't think so. I hope not!
  3. Call 866 and ask them or your boutique.
  4. I don't think so
  5. hmm im curious to hear the answer to this too!
  6. I really hope not!!!
  7. They still had the pomme roxbury at my local LV. I kept adding it on my cart on Eluxury a few days back and couldn't make my decision, until one day it wasn't available anymore and I freaked. I kept checking and it came back and that's when I just went and ordered it.
  8. I doubt it, its to popular. I would think amarante would go first cause of the fingerprints.
  9. I don't think so...It's been around for a year now and still going well. My local store still had a lot of pomme in stock...
  10. I hope not...I've been meaning to pick out an accessory or piece of inclusion jewelry in this shade!
  11. Nahhhh coz they just launch the pommed cosmetics pounch I guess it's getting popular as we getting closer to valentine day/the red day hehe....imo :smile:
  12. umm i was told that it was going to go eventually but who knows...i may have gotten the wrong info since i also think its such a gorgeous color to let go
  13. I'm not sure when it will be gone, but my SA told me I should try to get all the Pomme and amarante that I want now. I was in a rush so I didn't ask too many questions. But it sounds as though both colors are on their way out
  14. i'm guilty of a last minute pomme purchase, the french wallet. there's a shortage so i freaked!
  15. I don't think so...they just came out with the Pomme heart so yeah.
    It will eventually but it hasn't even been out a year yet (close but not yet).