Has Outdoor Ligne Hobo Been Discontinued?

  1. Hi Ladies! I'm new to the Chanel forum and have been thinking I need a Chanel to add to my family of lovelies. Is it true that the outdoor ligne hobo has been discontinued? If not, has anyone seen one out and about that I could track down? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Yes and it is now on sale at Neiman Marcus and Saks! You may have to call several or many stores to track one down. I'm not sure what the sale price is, but it is very reasonable for Chanel! I think Neiman Marcus in Troy, MI has a couple as well as Saks in Palm Desert, CA.
  3. Today I saw 2 in cognac brown and i black. I think they were $11xx? Very reasonable for Chanels!

    My SA's name is Cynthia 949-887-3765. Tell her Lani sent you.
  4. HI--the email that Chanelboy sent yesterday out showed that Nordstrom where he works had one on sale, too!
  5. BTW--I have one and love it! : )
  6. Thanks so much everyone!. I'm going to try to snag one of these. Happy Holidays!!!
  7. Any one have the email address of Chanelboy?
  8. You would be better off just calling Nordstrom Mall of America store and ordering the bag by phone. If you wait for Lucas to get back to you by email it could be already sold. The phone numbers of the stores can be found on Nordstrom's website.
  9. Thanks much roey! I got the last one at the Troy store today. So glad to have found it on sale!!!
  10. I saw a couple of these today at the NM in Atlanta. Cognac and brown. The Eight Knot bags were also on sale.
  11. ^^Pardon my ignorance but what is the difference betw the cognac and brown? Is the brown darker?
  12. I've only seen one color of brown in the outdoor ligne. Maybe a typo and should be cognac or black?
  13. BTW - I have this bag in NAVY and I love it. It is not "classic" Chanel but you can fit a TON inside this bag.
  14. When I was inquiring about this bag yesterday, I was asked which brown I was looking for, the lighter or dark one. As it turns out the lighter assuming the cognac was no longer available I took the darker brown.
  15. At the NM in Atlanta, there was a sort of medium rusty brown in a smaller hobo and a darker chocolate brown, sort of like the Le Marais brown, in a larger hobo. In a case, I also saw some sort of square wallet in the more cognac looking brown.