Has Oscar de la Renta gone downhill?

  1. So, I'm on Bluefly this morning, and I see a pair of Oscar de la Renta heels on sale for $50 dollars, and normally retail for only $100 dollars.

    It got me wondering if Oscar has kind of "died" in terms of chic-ness? (And not just his shoes, but his brand in general.) What do you all think?

    It makes me kind of sad... :crybaby: Ironically, I'm wearing my beloved vintage Oscar corduroy blazer today.
  2. Just because one pair of shoes (not even what Oscar de la Renta really focuses on) doesn't mean a designer is going downhill. I think Oscar de la Renta is so enmeshed personally in the kind of society he caters to that it'd be impossible for him to flop unless he did several bad collections in a row.

    Bluefly must have mislabeled the normal retail price of those Oscar shoes. There's no way there were only $100 retail.

    I think you're jumping to conclusions... there are Chanel handbags and shoes for sale on Bluefly. That doesn't mean Chanel is down the toilet. They also have Hermes on there.
  3. A bit off topic but Oscar de la Renta has some of the most beautiful evening dresses.

    Anyways, the items produced by Oscar (dresses, shoes & other accessories) aren't exactly cheap. Don't let one pair of shoes on Bluefly make you think that this designer has gone downhill because it's far from that.
  4. Maybe it's O by Oscar de la Renta. It's a cheaper compare to his high-end line. I bought a pair of flats of O by Oscar de la Renta before and I bought it for $60.
  5. ITA
  6. I agree! It may be his cheaper brand. I tried on a pair of his pumps at Macy's and they were $28 dollars on sale and retailed for about $100. I was surprised. I also saw coats at a good price in his brand.
  7. HOLY **** that's cheap! did you at least pick up a pair... I have to say that sometimes just because something is a certain brand doesn't mean that it'll always look nice and is a great seller, I think bluefly is just trying to get rid of its overall stocks and also, do u know what year the shoes are from? The reason they are so cheap might have to do with the fact that they are dated?
  8. that's O by Oscar de la renta, the more affordable sportswear line by Oscar....Oscar de la renta have quite a few lines such as Pink (sleeping wear) and Oscar by Oscar de la renta (coats)

    Oscar is still one of the most recognized designer and his dresses are being loved by celebrities for red carpet, i've seen a laced cashmere shawl by Oscar de la renta selling at nearly 2000 last season