has one of your LVs ever been stolen?

  1. i got a mono french purse for my birthday last year. it was stolen when i went on a trip. it took me a couple of months to get over it. i can't believe how careless i was. actually, i think i still get sad about it. :crybaby:lol.

    a year later, i finally get my replacement. my friend recently went to paris and i asked her to get one for me. saved me about 150. thankfully! now i watch my items like a hawk.
  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! Thanks God nothing was stolen from my LV's
  3. That's awful! I would be so upset if something like that happened to me. I watch my LVs like a hawk -and if I have to go help my son with something, I ask DH to hold whatever I am carrying that day or to keep an eye on my bag. He knows the value, both monetary and sentimental, of my bags and is very vigilent when we are out in public.
  4. Ugh.. sorry to hear. I would cry big crocodile tears if that ever happened to me !
  5. Sorry to hear that!!! I'm always paranoid about my bags; they mean a lot to me!
  6. Not yet, I try to be very very careful what bag to bring to where. You must be devastated! I am always on high alert because economy is not as good before. My mom was on the bus one and someone sliced her purse up with a razor. Luckily, they got the canvas part and not the leather part inside so nothing was stolen. But her poor poor purse!

    I feel so sorry for you. I have my wallet stolen at least 8 times in my life, luckily they weren't LV. Some I was able to recover (from a classmate, what as a$$) and some can't. I am a slow person and I have learned over the years.
  7. So sorry to hear that, I would be so upset if any of mine were stolen, ugh
  8. ^^OMG!! your mom must have been :cursing: ..

    i havent had my bag stolen yet and hopefullyit never happens!! that would really piss me off!!!
  9. OMG...I am sorry to hear this happened to you. I have never had an LV stolen (I would be heartbroken) but I am really careful.
  10. nope I had NEVER lost something or I have NEVER lost anything!. I watch my things like a hawk =D.
  11. How sad! :crybaby: I've never had one of my LV's stolen, but I had a brand spanking new Coach bag stolen a few years ago. I had changed purses on the way to work in the car (hubby was driving) and stuffed the Coach bag under the back seat. I didn't think it could be seen, but someone bashed the window in the parking lot and took off with the bag. I learned a very valuable lesson that day. Nobody will be taking off with any more of my bags!!!!!
  12. Ohh here's a story...
    I tend to loose my wallet a lot, ever since i was little. My first LV accessory was a LV wallet, the mini monogram ones... i've lost it @ a bar... i was sooooo upset.. >_<" a few days later, someone rang my door bell i went to open the door and THERE it was... MY WALLET :biggrin: Someone was actually nice enough to drop it off for me, they never stayed they just rang the door bell drop it & drove off... (weird... but I was so glad, plus nothing was taken!!)

    I loose my wallet but I always find it.. ALWAYS...
  13. I had my LV frambroise vernis wallet stolen right out of my purse! So, my purse wasn't stolen (a lamberson truex at the time), but they stole my beautiful wallet! I was heartbroken. I even bought a replacement, but am so afraid to use it....
  14. i feel your pain!!! what sucks about buying a replacement is realizing how much money you spent for the original and then the replacement.
  15. My old apartment was broken into TWICE and the culprits never touched my LV...although they got all of my gold jewelry and my laptop. When I went to check the top of my walk-in closet, I almost passed out at the thought of my dust bags missing.