Has one of your handles flattened?

  1. I mentioned my friend had bought a black city and I was just reading the thread about paint chipping off handles so I checked my rouge vif, no chipping but the front handle has flattened. In the pics of the black city both handles have a rounded bit then a flat bit, one of my handles on my rouge vif does but the front handle doesnt.

    The front one is flat if looking down on it and from underneath it has the rounded bit, the other handle has the opposite, is this just noral wear? does anyone else have this?
  2. I have seen flat handles from pre-loved bags on eBay. I think they get flatten from constantly holding the bag by its handles.
  3. my dark coffe fbf is flattened, but NOT really flat :p
  4. not that i know of...can u show us a pic??