has neone heard of ELF- eyes lips face cosmetics

  1. has anyone heard of or used the cosmetic brand ELF - eyes lips face? they have a website called www.eyeslipsface.com and everything is like $1 ..ive heard its good ....i heard they are going to start selling it in department stores so thats why everything is so cheap online..i want to buy it but im not sure what its like... has anyone used it or ever heard of it???
  2. I have used their products. I like their lip glosses, shimmering facial whip and nail polishes.
    I believe they are sold at Target as well.
  3. Haven't they always been $1? I got an email saying that bloomies was going to pick them up and as a promotion they were selling things for $1. But I heard about them maybe a couple years back and that's their whole gimmick, like $1 for almost everything.

    Never used them though.
  4. I got an email from my friend who knows someone who works at bloomies and she said that they're not planning on carrying it. It's just to lure ppl to buy their $1 special . Ive never used it before but I do plan on buying their lipgloss since it's so cheap. ... =)
  5. I've used it and it's worth exactly that, $1. It reminded me of the kiddie makeup in the toy section at stores.
  6. I've heard about it on the style network but never knew where to purchase their products.
  7. i just got an email from a friend about this. thanks for the info. they do look like they are just worth $1.