Has Mypoupette Ever Been Wrong?

  1. I was wondering what the accuracy rate was for Mypoupette's authenticfication service was? Has anyone ever used their photo authentification service and actually receive an incorrect verdict?

    I am waiting on a response regarding an LV and was curious as to how "good" mypoupette actually was! :yes:
  2. Not that I have ever heard. I don't think they will give an answer if they are unsure they will ask for more photos and if not I think they would just tell you that they are unable to determine authenticity.
  3. ^^If they're unable to determine authenticity I wonder if they'll refund your money back?
  4. Good question! They have always answered my inquiries so I can't answer that. It may be on the website tho
  5. I had an authentic MJ Quinn that I exchanged with with another gal for a Mono Ellipse. Mypoupette authenticated it and I sold it on ebay and turns out it was fake. I felt horrible! What's worse is that the girl I exchanged with knew hers was fake and wound up scre*ing me and i was out hundreds!!
  6. loriw, that's terrible!!! :sad: Was it a superfake? How did the Ebay buyer find out it was fake?
  7. Her sister had the same purse and she sent me photos showing the differences which I then forwarded to mypoupette who after seeing the photos said the buyer was correct and the bag was a fake.
  8. They are usually very good about acquiring a lot of photos. When they compared it to the real one was it the monogramming? Or was it something more obscure, like the length of the handles being 1.2 cm longer? I *guess* I could understand if they missed something a little more obscure but if they missed the mark based on mongramming then that's kinda scary! :shocked:
  9. If I remember correctly, there were about 6 things wrong!!
  10. That stinks lori!

    I'm surprised that they would have missed the mark on that many differences. Especially if you think about the number of LVs that must cross that e-mail in a day.
  11. No one is infallible. MP does occassionally make a mistake, but it is pretty rare. No, if they can't authenticate it, there is no refund. The $5 is for their time - not their fault if they can't authenticate. I did once get a refund when she couldn't get to it before the auction ended.

    I don't know who is authenticating there now, if it's Angie or someone else. The gal that was doing it has set up her own authentication site - www.caroldiva.com. She's pretty cautious. I've had her authenticate many many items for me. She's also very nice about answering questions about the authentication.
  12. I've never used My Poupette before cause I can tell about 85% of the time. But I just buy from MPRS mainly. They usually have the best prices =)
  13. That is terrible!!!
  14. I know - she claimed for the longest time that it was real and finally fessed up that her mother bought it and it was fake. She said she couldn't afford to make it right and after me threatening - she sent one small payment and then disappeared and changed her email address!
  15. Ugh, what a horrible experience ! :Push: