Has Morgan Oakley gone under?


Will work for bags!
Feb 13, 2008
Land of potatoes...
I just bought one 2 weeks ago from a small retailer with a website, but it was the very last one and marked way down. I thought I just scored a deal, but maybe that was why.
Sep 13, 2007
The prairies of the Midwest
Muse Ten has this cute black Morgan Oakley tote on sale:


Now I wish I'd bought a Ditch tote when I had the chance! I had a cobalt one but sold it because the color didn't suit me. Shame, I really like Morgan Oakley bags.
I really liked the Ditch bags too and now wish I would have bought one. Always thought of them as classics bound to be around for a long time. There always used to be dozens of them on ebay, but haven't seen one in ages.