Has MJ gone a little crazy with the quilting?

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  1. This is from a MJ newbie.

    I was originally attracted to MJ by the soft calf styles. I appreciate the quilted styles like the Stam....but they are not really my thing.

    It seems like every website selling MJ has 90%-100% quilted styles only. I've seen a few Christys and the new Hobo, but beyond that....not much.

    I went to NM and Saks the other day..........only saw quilted styles. Meanwhile the MJ website seems to display many soft calf styles.

    I know I can stop by a boutique and see a few. It just seems like the selection is so limited. Am I imagining this? Would anyone else like to see better availability of soft calf out there?
  2. cecilia.. I totally agree with you.. I love the beautiful, classic, simple MJ looks (a gorgeous Blake, MP, etc.) and am not digging the abundance of chains/quilts/etc.. maybe that's why I am getting into the MbMJ line a little more - they are starting to become really classy and charming.
  3. I agree nicolj......a large percentage of the available product seems to have quilting and chains. It looks beautiful/perfect on the Stam, but it seems like they've taken the sucess of that and tried to create a dominant look for nearly the whole line.

    I can't wait for Resort 07 to show up....there are some gorgeous soft calf styles shown on the MJ website. I just hope some of those styles are as readily available as the quilted styles are.
  4. i'd have to agree as well. i do love some of the quilted styles particularly the new mixed quilted line, but i'm ready for something new. just as long as he brings back the solf calf venetia, i'll be fine.
  5. i personally love quilted bags since i think it adds this "richness"/character to the bags. i love the quilted blake, venetia, ryder, julianne, etc. i'm just not a big fan of the patchwork quilted bags...

    both of the bags i own are quilted. heehee...quilted blake and amanda. :p
  6. ^ i don't like the patchwork either. i thought it was only going to be for spring 07, but i've seen a lot of bags for fall with the patchwork. it just seems very odd looking to me, and it's a shame because there was a metallic purple stam that came in that design. it's still available on net-a-porter.com. it is such a pretty color. however, i just can't get myself to like the patchwork... :sad:
  7. I completely agree with the original poster. I haven't been a huge fan of the quilted texture, although it does look really nice in some styles and give it an added richness. I really dislike all the long chains on the bags too, because they seem really heavy and trendy, and I hear that the gold wears off. I think it's unfortunate that he has let these trendy details run over most of the collection and that almost all of his bags that I see in the department stores are quilted or patchwork now, even though there are supposed to be some smooth leather bags according to the MJ website. I find very few of his more recent bags appealing for that reason. But perhaps this is a good thing for my finances!
  8. Most sites I see are carrying the trendy styles, which includes the quilted bags. I guess they are better sellers than my favorites, the non-quilted bags. I'm afraid that I'd snag the stitching on the quilting if I used the bag everyday. Plus, quilted bags look kind of "Katherine Chancellor" to me. If you watch Young & the Restless, you know what I mean.
  9. I love the classic quilting that the MJ line has, such as the Stam and Ursula. I'm not into the patchwork though. MJ has gone overboard with that trend. Personally, I think it kind of looks like a frumpy old pillow that an old lady makes. Also, the ruching and elastic has to stop. I predict he'll stop with that trend soon because i honestly have not seen many women with his newer bags.
  10. I concur. I am not a fan of the quilted or patchwork styles, nor am I a fan of the gold chains. But that's pretty much all I see in the department stores. I guess my finances will be happy that I don't care for the bags either.
  11. Thanks everyone for your input. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who's noticed this.

    Part of me believes that MJ wants to keep most of the soft calf exclusive to the boutiques or at least hard to find. There has to be a reason that Saks, Neiman's, Eluxury,Barney's,Bloomingdales...(I could go on) do not show a single soft calf multipocket on their websites, yet have boatloads of quilted and patchwork. Everyone knows the MP is popular and sells well.

    Or maybe he wants the strongest public image of the Company to be trendy instead of classic.

    If anyone sees that new satchel (Resort '07) with the twists at the base of the handles please let me know....I think it's going to be hard to get because it's classic and different.
  12. The small,"classic" quilting (ie. chiffon blake) looks pretty to me, but I definately don't go for the chains, so that lets out many of the ruched bags I think pretty too.

    The patchwork, on the other hand, reminds me too much of the quilted vest(s) I wore in the 70s, along with other spacesuit looking-garb for skiing.

    My personal rule is that if I wore a trend the first time, it's not for me!

    I'm a soft calf classic gal all the way and totally agree that the selection on- line and in dept stores has gotten miniscule!! - Especially on the West Coast. Where are those bags and accessories? Does that line go mostly to another part of the country?

  13. I think Neroned is buying them up for resale on eBay in a few years (haha!)
  14. Agreed. I love the quilted design on the Stam, and kind of on the venetia, but only so many styles look good quilted (to me, anyway). I kind of wish they'd try more designs than offer more of the current ones in quilted form.
  15. Totally agree! I really liked the quilting and the chains (I am a multi-tasker and carrying a chained bag is a GREAT shoulder workout!) when they first came out, but I am getting tired of seeing those details on literally all of his bags.