Has Megs Ever Posted Her Collection?

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  1. Given, it would probably be pretty big and need constant updates, but I m very curious to see whats lurking in her closet and how her stuff is stored. I tried a search and an advanced search but didn't come across anything.
  2. I'd love to see it too!
  3. Im sure it looks like the handbag department at Saks.
  4. Great question. I'd love to see it!!
  5. Love to see.... I'm sure its amazing.
  6. That would be great if she posted her collection. And Vlad takes great photos, so that post would be a treat!
  7. Bump ;)
    Hopefully she will after seeing this? A girl could hope:drool:
  8. Would love to see her collection too! I'm sure it's a "Purse Addicts" dream come true!
  9. Bumpity! Bump! Bump! Inquiring minds would like to know :popcorn:
  10. *BUMP* Megs!!! Show us your booty!! :popcorn:
  11. Yes that would be neat to see...show us girl!!
  12. I'd love to see her collection as well! I've seen bits and pieces of it but it'd be amazing to see it all together!
  13. I want to see her collection too! :drool:
  14. Another vote.......SHOW THE STASH MEGS!!
  15. Oh my goodness! Now I'd like to see it too!