Has Marine Milton arrived yet SJ?

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  1. So has your Marine Milton arrived yet SJ? What do you think? PLEASE say its definitely staying!!!????

    Have you been using your Milton Purse? Is it easy to use or fiddly because of the 2 twist clasps?
  2. I've just got back from a client meeting in Worcestershire & was fretting all the way back on the motorway that I would have missed UPS.
    Fortunately, they left the parcel with my neighbour & I've just opened it.

    I haven't used my purse yet because I wanted to wait for the bag to arrive but I had a play & the fastenings are fine.
    It's a lovely, great big bag with a chunky zip & a proper adjustable strap. And the colour is gorgeous. I'm so glad I decided to cancel the Mitzy messenger.

    Off to do some pics.....be right back.
  3. ..............gorgeous i'm sure!! cant wait to see. I'd love a milton if i could stop buying mabels!
  4. Excellent! Even though I've seen it on you, I can't wait to see piccies!
  5. #5 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
    Here they are. Modelling pic and also my turquoise family pic.
    The scarf, Gemini keyring and purse are from Sunday's Bicester trip. All were fab buys - scarf £65 from £210, keyring was £17 and the purse was £75! The clutch was a Christmas present and I bought aqua Mabel in December.
    I'm thrilled with the hobo as I've tried it on sooooooo many times but wasn't sure about paying £375 for a messenger style bag. Couldn't resist it when it went down to £225 (from £750 RRP). Now that is a bargain!
    It's a very bright colour that a lot of people might not like but I absolutely love it. It just reminds me of the colours of the South of France which is where I'll be using it most of all.

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  6. Yeah! Now THAT is your colour!

    Fab and it looks great with the scarf - as we said it would!!!!
  7. Absolutely stunning! Short post as difficult to type whilst running at high speed down A303 with sick children on back - heading for Somerset and my own new bright coloured bag!
  8. Thanks girls.
    The scarf has a bit too much pink & yellow in it for my liking really but it'll look much better in the summer with white rather than a black knitted dress! I'll probably end up tying it to the bag anyway.

    Old bags, keep a good pace up and you'll be there in no time. Tuck sick children up on the sofa but try not to forget them when you get all excited by your new bright bag!
  9. Sarajane, Milton is beautiful and the color is fantastic. I am ooohing and ahhhhing!!
  10. Lovely SJ ! - very envious of your haul this weekend ! Seeing the bright colours make me wonder if why I am so obsessed with buying a bag in oak.
    Can just imagine them with white linen trousers in the south of France - wonder if you'll be able to get matching nail polish ( if you haven't already !! )
  11. Vibrant and stunning, a splendid haul!
  12. that milton is fabulous! congrats! it looks lovely on you
  13. Oh lovely colours, makes me think about summer, warm breeze.... (where is sunshine these days in England?)

    Looks gorgeous on you!
  14. :yahoo:I think that colour suits you better than the colour of the Milton SJ.
    Mediterranean as opposed to Caribbean !

    Will it be enjoying a jaunt on the slopes ?
  15. Beautiful!