Has LV ever used combination locks

  1. Have you ever seen a genuine LV with a combination lock. My SA had told me long time back that it was LV policy not to use combination locks ever and they only use lock and key system. There is a hardsided briefcase on ebay right now with a combination lock and the bid is currently at 900 USD. eBay: Louis Vuitton briefcase (luggage/carry-on) with lock (item 140034705939 end time Oct-05-06 10:52:36 PDT)
    It looks like a fake to me. Just feel sorry for whomever pays so much for a fake. Anyways have a look at it. Maybe I am wrong.

  2. Combination lock items doesn´t exist in LV(because we have our own lock system named S lock serrure).

    Your E-bay briefcase is definitely a fake!!!:Push:
  3. The inside looks so fake with that cheap suede lining..
  4. Definitely a fake... the font is all wrong too...
  5. That poor person that bought that fake....
  6. it screams fake-ness ... i feel sorry too for the buyer
  7. oh this is really bad