Has LV ever made.................

  1. Jst searching for pics of LV bags and came across these and was wonderin if LV has ever made these three bags in black,Pink and purple before?
  2. LV never made any of those bags except for the Alligator/Denim Neo Speedy.
  3. denim definitely yes but limited edition, i think.

    not sure if there were limited editions on the other 3 but the photos seem to be fake(?????) but don't quote me on this. LOL
  4. I am 99.99% sure that the first 3 bags are fake :smile: (or maybe i'm not aware that it was made)
  5. Funny enough while i was searching 2 find out if LV has ever made this bag i found a pick of Nicky Hilton with a similar bag jst like that and it isnt LV it's actually a bag from her collection.But fnks everyone for da reply much appreciated.
    (Nicky Hilton's "Chick" line at Kitson)
  6. Nope..the first three are from Nicky Hilton's collection and mimick the style of the alligator trimmed Neo Speedy seen in the 4th picture.
    But the fakes producers have made styles similar to that..I'll see if I can find a pic.
  7. I was going to post it is Chich-but you already found the answer.
  8. Yup! They answered it correctly. Nicky Hilton copied LV's style by making her own versions. Cute but pricey. Her stuff isn't cheap. I wish LV had made them.
  9. The 1st three are "inspired" (i guess) but the last was a limited edition. Those bags were made in Denim, Linchen, and Fuschia! :yes:
  10. "daddy, can i have my own fashion line?"
  11. Lol I know..I have a couple of the star bags from her line and they were still more than $300 apiece.
  12. Let-Trade has/used to have an alligator Denim Neo Speedy available on his site.