has LV ever made this??

  1. so I was at out local PinkBerry the other day and this lady in line had a LV swingpack...........yes just like the ones Coach made. It looked like this below but was in mono print. I told DH that is was fake cuz I had never seen it before but then it got me thinking that maybe it was an LE or european/international exclusive like the sophie so thought I would check here w/all my LV experts first. SO HAS LV EVER MADE A SWINGPACK LIKE THIS IN THE MONO PRINT??

    If not, they should have cuz it was way cute!! (don't throw rocks at me!!) :p

  2. Pochette Bosphore?
  3. [​IMG]

    If this isn't it, then I'm 99% sure it's fake.
  4. nope it was not the bosphore, it looked exactly like the coach picture but in mono. I'm pretty sure it was fake but just wanted to check for sure.
  5. Yup, definitely fake then