Has LV.com ever sent you the wrong item?

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  1. Well, much to my surprise I did not get what I ordered today. :crybaby:

    I ordered a matching Amethyste Emp Montaigne MM handbag and a Zippy Emp wallet. I was so excited to get them. (You know how it is waiting for the FedEx guy, right? :sweatdrop: )

    So it arrives and I jump into it only to find a Citrine Curieuse Emp Wallet. Sure it was beautiful - but not what I paid for. :smash:

    So I called the 866 # and they emailed me the paper work to send it back at their expense. But I didn't want to send it back in that big huge box that they both came in. Luckily, I had a wallet mailer at the office with me today!

    Then they gave me the addresses to the nearest FedEx offices that I had to go to to return it! Have you ever tried to find a little "Pack & Mail" in a city with over 4 million people? I found it though and they didn't want to give me the tracking number. They were busy & said aww just leave it.

    I said no…I'll wait. Then I noticed a sign on the wall that said they were not responsible for prepaid drop offs for FedEx. :panic:

    Okay, I got the tracking number, but the 866 # told me this would take up to 2 weeks.

    Has this happened to anyone else? :storm: I sure hope not!
  2. Where did you send it from?
  3. Tulip, I am so sorry! I've always received the item I ordered, sorry you didn't get the right item...are you near a store that you could do the exchange instead of shipping back and waiting for the exchange?

  4. +1

    I've never purchased on LV.com so I am not aware of their return policy. If it's anything like Hermes, you cannot return online orders in store. You must ship it back to their facility, which is such a big hassle, especially since Hermes is a 15 minute car ride from my home.

    Sorry this happened! Maybe they'll give you a gift card/store credit for the inconvenience.
  5. Yes, Tulip2, this just happened to me!
    I ordered an Aurore Empreinte Zippy wallet right before the recent USA price increase.
    When I opened the box it was an Aurore Empreinte Secret wallet!
    When I called the rep kept repeating that the two wallets look similar but that they sent me the correct one. She said that they never even made an Aurore Secret wallet!
    I did get the FedEx label. You need to take it to an office, you can't use a drop box. Mine was several towns away, so not too convenient.
    When they received it the same rep repeated that the one they sent me was the zippy. It had no gusset or central compartment so I knew better. The receipt said zippy wallet and it was 1000.00.
    She said they would look into it, a few days went by and she called back and apologized profusely for the mistake. I just received the correct one today. I've never had to work so hard to order something!! :P
  6. Oh no! That sucks especially when you were waiting so excitedly for your items! I hope it all works out with no more mishaps.
  7. Have been buying from LV online since it was introduced (as stores are over 4 hours away) and have never been sent the wrong item.

    In fact, a delivery from them arrived at the crack of dawn this morning which I haven't opened yet!!
  8. 866 gave me 3 different FedEx drop off addresses near my office. The closest one was on Interstate I-10 (that's the Interstate that runs all the way across the country). I thought I would never find that place.
  9. 866 wouldn't let me! They said I had to FedEx it back to the distribution center. I told her that I would be near LV today actually and she said no. This could have been fixed today, but they wouldn't let me. :mad:
  10. I'd be so disappointed! It would seem much easier to let you exchange it at the store but maybe it is an inventory issue. They should offer you free overnight shipping when they send out the correct item....I hope it gets worked out quickly for you.....
  11. You cannot drop them off like regular packages. You have to check in the with the counter, they will create a label for you and give you a tracking number.
  12. That is correct. Unfortunately there was a lady in front of me that was mailing like an entire bedroom set to someone. It ended up being 4 huge boxes. I had to quietly wait…

    All in all I was there about 30 minutes. Ugh.
  13. I agree but 866 told me this would take up to 2 weeks! Can you believe that?
  14. Same thing happened to me last week. Old lady holding a NF MM. Taking about 15 minutes to mail pictures. :P
  15. THat is usually how long it takes. I just simply returned and asked for refund, and placed another order on the website.