Has LT been slow answering emails for anyone else

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  1. I emailed LT a question 3 days ago and haven't received any response.

    Since they are normally very fast about answering inquires, I'm wondering if anyone else has been waiting.

  2. oh, 3 days ago?? I think she answered my email 2-3 days ago... Try to resend them :smile:
  3. I sent an email yesterday at 12 and got a respose at 2 so this is definetely strange!
  4. OK, I will resend my email. Just didn't want to come across as impatient, even though I am, lol.
  5. Good luck :smile:
  6. You know I just recently completed a transaction with them and corresponded with them over the course of a week. Sometimes they were quick to respond nad in another instance it was a few days. This being my first transaction I didn't know the protocol for placing a deposit on an item and ended up missing out on said item waiting for response. They did however place a similar item up for me and I just outright purchased it rather than risk the chance of missing again. I imagine t hey are extremely busy, but I too was worried my emails weren't going through. Hope you get your desired item!!
  7. usually I get a response within 2-3 days.
  8. I just purchased a bag from them yesterday, and have already gotten two emails from them, the last one saying that the bag has been shipped. I would definitely resend your email, as it seems they are "in the office" today. Good luck!!
  9. you can order directly from LV via email?
  10. oops I just realized you guys were talking about let-trade haha.
  11. They just took 24 hours to reply to me a day ago.