Has Let-Trade ever located anything you have requested?

  1. I look at the Let-Trade site every day and have also e- mailed him with a few requests in the past few weeks.

    So far I haven't had any response from him, other than to say he will try to locate what I am looking for.

    Has anyone ever had an item located that you then went onto buy from him.

    Am longing for him to e mail to say he has just what I want:girlsigh:

  2. I have e-mailed let-trade a few times and one time they came through for me.
  3. let trade will probably come through :smile:
    he is so negotiable!
  4. hi, could you guys me give me his link? I am new here, thanks!
  5. http://www.let-trade.com

    LT is AWESOME!
    I emailed asking for a papillon 26 without vachetta, they happened to had one listed when I asked and emailed me back right away saying they have one available now.
    I emailed asking for a mono FP and they emailed me first about it before listing it on his site after I told him I couldn't afford it yet.
    I emailed recently asking for a pink Trapeze PM...had two available in a week.
    Now, I've emailed them about a Mizi and let them know that I am only interested in it after late July/August...they said no problem!
  6. Thank you so much, I will check it out and report my buy!
  7. Oh the Mizi... :drool: Love it! I hope it works out for you, then maybe there is hope for me!
  8. wow. i've begged them to email me before listing and they dont. wierd...
  9. i am still waiting for my request.......so far no answer from let-trade yet :rolleyes:
  10. Sent him an e mail yesterday asking if he can locate an EPI Reverie.

    Has e mailed back, saying to keep looking on the web site, as has had one before and might get again:confused1:

    Does he have a 2 tier service, so some customers get notified before the item ever gets to the web site and other just have to take pot luck:confused1:

    A tad dissapointed, but I will keep looking at the site and hope my choice of bag comes up soon.

  11. I have always found LT to be very helpful in finding things or buying things from me :smile:
  12. So LT also buys bags from people. Hmmm how interesting .... do they give a reasonable price?
  13. I had a great experience with him yesterday...I emailed looking for a speedy 35 and within the hour he sent me an email back with a great description and such...he then went on to compare it to one of the auctions on eBay I was looking at...so sweet and helpful
  14. I think the more you've dealt with him, the more personal his service gets. He will most likely email you next time they get a Reverie, but will still put it on the website. Sometimes, they will email me telling me if something I want is in before they list it on the site. (ie. the Mizi that was sold recently, I was notified that it was available and was asked if I was interested before it was put on the web site)
  15. Yes, he was able to locate a Red/Cream Retro for me last year in tiptop condition- I have only good things to say!