Has Jessica Simpson changed?

  1. Is it just me or has Jessica Simpson transformed herself to be more like her BF John Meyer? Her clothes are more earthy and not girlie now, does she even wear make up now? and why did she get rid of her blond hair?
  2. i think she looks great as a brunette, it's nice to see her not be quite so out-there. between nick and jon, she had started to look a little...tara reid at times.
  3. opps hit the post button too soon

    I ment to ask everyone if they liked her new look.
  4. I agree she seems to be morphing into John Mayer. She looks good as a brunette though. I just hope she isn't changing who she is to please him.
  5. I think she looks more natural now. I think she fits the guy she is with much better with everything - her hair, make up, clothes - toned down so that she looks more like a regular person than a celebrity.

    I think she looks better with blonde hair but I've never liked women who looked like Barbie dolls which is what Jessica always looked like before to me, everything was too artificial. Peggy
  6. I really enjoy the change on her. She is maturing and coming into her own now. It usually happens in your mid to later 20's IMO. She is fortunate she has good looks and can morph easily/effortlessly into a new look. All the best to her.
  7. She seems so much happier these days. He must be good for her.
  8. I definitely prefer her new look over when she was experimenting with all the other ones. She's looking much better these days!
  9. i like her better now..i dont like her before!>.< she looked fake for me..

    but i hope she become the real her now, not just to please jon..we'll see.hehe
  10. I deffinitely think she looked "hotter" before, now she's looking pretty, or cute...But if she's happier and that's why she's changing then more power to her!!
  11. She's not my favorite person, but I do wish her the best- I'm a huge John Mayer fan, so best to both of them!
  12. I like her darker hair and I have to admit I do like hearing less about her. When she was with Nick, the joke of the day was "how stupid Jessica is."
    Of course, that's not to say I don't wish that she wouldn't eventually get back together with Nick, even though I'm pretty sure that won't happen.
  13. Maybe John Meyer will take the time to teach Jessica what she doesn't understand, instead of just shaking his head and saying, "Oh, silly Jessica!"
  14. yes i think so too.

    i like her change, i think its natural for her. for her age. youve got to grow out of the look she was sporting before sometime. i think they make an awesome couple. very genuine:heart:
  15. That Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader / Daisy Duke thing only worked for so long, and I'm glad she's trying something else.
    (Those looks wouldn't have seemed so bad if she was comfortable with them and she didn't seem to be.)