Has it never happened to you?

  1. I never thought it could be happened to me....never..
    Unfortunately it happened...
    Last night, I was waiting for my friends...I didn't know which of them was designed to collect me at my house..
    So I went out of my house, I saw a blue car (it was dark) parked just in front of my door..and I thought it was my friend. (I admit that I am not a very good car expert).
    I opened the car door and I set down...
    Then I turned through my friend....and...I realized that it was not my friend at all!!!:sad: It was a guy, absolutely stunning, looking at me with a kind of suspicious expression...:confused1:
    I had my mini skirt and I was totally prepared to a disco night...I mean...maybe he thought I was a prostitute.:s

    I thought "Oh my God, I want to die immediately:crybaby:"...but I tried to be more frozen as possible and I told him "Hi, ehm..sorry, maybe I made a car mistake, have a nice night...goodbye!"..

    I opened the door again and I went away in a very impassible way...:wtf:
  2. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Im sorry but that part made me laughed really hard!!!!

    But yeah, it has happened to me before, my friend was picking me up from sch one time, and I wasn't wearing my contacts, not wearing glasses either, so my vision was kinda blurry...so anyways, I thought I saw his car, and i opened the door, sat down, closed the door, turned to look, and saw this old guy! haha!
  3. I thought it was possible just in movies!!!!
  4. Yes, this is like a scene from a Julia Roberts movie... wonder what the guy in the car thought...
  5. haha that sounds funny, even though im sure at the time it was not.
  6. Generally guys have the tendency to make...I mean...sweet eyes, with me.
    But this time it seems that it was such an incredible situation that he looked at me for 10 seconds without telling me anything!!!!
    And it was more embarrassing...
  7. LOL no. never happened to me. ;)
  8. Omg i'm sorry, that's the funniest thing ever!!! I must have been akward...i think i would have been like "come on! how come we're not going!".
  9. Haha no (not yet!) but that's the funniest thing ever!
  10. Lmao! - Nope never.

    But then again, I don't tend to wear mini-skirts ;)
  11. he probably was thinking how lucky he was
  12. lol! I almost did the same thing once, as a kid. it was beyond embarrassing.
  13. Lol, well that was certainly an experience. I bet you'll never do that again though!
  14. ahhhh you poor thing! But I promise you, this will become a great story to tell once you are over the embarassment!

    and why, why, why, is it always the cute hot guys when we do something embarassing!!! ;) its not fair :biggrin:
  15. It's never happened to me either, but it's an honest mistake. I have gone up to ladies that I think are my mom but they aren't :p