has hover preview been disabled? or is it just me...

  1. ^where a preview of the thread contents shows up when you hover your mouse cursor over the title of an unopened thread....

    has this been disabled? i seem to not be getting it today, but it could be just me...
    hope not, it was a super-useful feature..

    thanks vlad!
  2. I noticed it is not working for me also. I liked that feature.
  3. I just noticed that too.
  4. For now, it's off. Trying to cut down on load times, as the thread preview does add quite a bit of page file size.

    I'll be doing some experimenting in the next few days to see how it works out. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. i noticed it too!! wow, i didnt realize how much i was using it until it was gone
  6. oh no!!!! that was my fave techie feature of this forum!!! Goodness, I am constantly using it, and when I check other forums, I get pissed because they don't offer that feature!! You spoiled us, Vlad!! I will sure miss it if it's gone forever!!!
  7. awww bring it back! now i have to click on EVERYTHING that looks remotely interesting :wtf: :lol:
  8. I was so used to it, that on other forums I expected it to display! Really missing it--it was such a time saver. I hope it works out that we can have it back, Vlad. :yes:
  9. I love it too.
  10. I'll try to talk him into it ya'll :yes:

    We have to keep changing things around as the forum grows larger and larger, but some features really are people's favs!
  11. yyessss plleaasseee!!! i totally LOVED that feature!! :heart:
  12. I loved this feature, too!! I keep hovering over a thread title, and waiting for like a minute, then I remember that it's not there anymore.
  13. It would help if people would title their threads to reflect the contents (like this thread - I knew EXACTLY what it was all about! ;) ).

    My pet peeve is thread titles like "I have a question" or "What do you think?" *lol*
  14. ^oooh me too!
    I see "HELPPPPPPP!" F A R too often. . .
    Help what? I may not want to! :lol:

    just kidding of course!;)

    I'm sure Vlad will give it back if he's able to, he loves to please the Ladies!:graucho:
  15. :roflmfao: !!

    wow swanky, i didnt realize you have 11,000+ posts!!!!!! :king: