Has Hayden Harnett's ever been faked?

  1. Hi girls,

    I posted about my plight on the eBay forums, but I wanted to find out if any of you have ever heard of Hayden Harnett's being faked?

    I won an auction for a Mercer and found out that the seller made the listing private. Then I noticed a few days later she has another one of the exact same bags I bought. Sure, maybe she bought a bunch during the big bang sale, but why make the listing private if it's not a high end luxury item where shady sellers are going to offer 2nd chance fake items? This isn't Hermes or LV we're talking about. It's a bag worth a couple hundred bucks. :confused1:

    Anyone ever seen or heard of fake Hayden Harnetts? I'm sure they haven't been faked yet and everything is cool but I just want some feedback on this one.
  2. Hmmm. I have no idea. I hope not. :s
  3. Me too! Are any of you lovely HH ladies posting pics of your new bags able to respond?
  4. I've never heard of a fake HH. I would not think that a faker would make much $$ on fake HH's, since they're relatively unknown and relatively inexpensive on eBay, but they're made in China, so who knows????

    If you want to post pics of a suspected fake, I think we have a lot of expertise here who could help you determine authenticity.
  5. I wouldn't think that there are fake HH's. Usually, counterfeiters don't worry about these little guys. I think that the seller bought several at the recent sales.
  6. Photo, please.
  7. Haven't received the bag yet. The auction has a stock pic. I agree I don't think theyve been faked. It's just that the auction is marked private and I dont understand the reasoning considering it's such an inexpensive bag.
  8. Can you tell from looking at the seller's other auctions, whether this is just standard procedure for them? Congrats on the Mercer, BTW. I'm waiting on a cobalt Havana from HH; it should arrive this week! They make a nice product!
  9. I haven't seen any bags on eBay or anywhere else that look fake. Given all the details on many HH bags and the price point, I'm guessing it would be hard to do a convincing fake and make a profit.
  10. It may be that the seller is an inexperienced eBayer, as well, and doesn't really understand the significance of 'private'. But obviously I can't say for sure without knowing who the seller is or anything else about them.

    I don't understand the point of a fake Hayden-Harnett ... and they are still pretty far below the radar, so I highly doubt there are fakes out there.

    I do know of several folks who buy quantities of HH bags when they have those crazy sales and sell them on eBay...

    I wish somebody would sell their chocolate Luxe Havana Hobo.:roflmfao:
  11. Yep. I agree with IndiaInk. In fact there should be a "Girls Gone Wild over HH bags" on video by now. :roflmfao:
  12. Hee hee, I hadn't thought of that before, seems like it'd be a pretty slim profit margin on a decent counterfeit Hayden Harnett, with all the different rivets and the feet and the straps and the rings and the topstitching. Although those devious counterfeiters will probably try anything.
  13. HH bags are made in china...

    i thought they were made in NYC like rebecca minkoff and anna corinna...that's the awesome angle of buying indie bags.
  14. I doubt it.... but never say never

    I think in your case it is just a seller who decides to make all his/her sales private so he/she is harder to be tracked down in selling "fishy" items...
    or just even using it for security measures - i doubt it was because of the HH bag that they decide to make the auction private... the seller probably privatized all his/her auctions
  15. Nah, no fakes.