Has Ferragamo brand going down?

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  1. Sorry to bring this up but I'm curious as why Net a porter doesn't carry this brand while Shopbop which well known as middle level brand starting to carry this brand recently (like a year or two). Wonder if Ferragamo has no longer have the 'luxury' status? Or is it other reason? Thanks all and sorry for all Ferragamo fans..don't get me wrong, I'm a fan too!

  2. I do not think any less of Ferragamo just because Net-a-porter does not carry it. Net-a-porter even carries small brands for example: Sam Edelman which is not a luxury brand.
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  3. I don't think so. Ferragamo is a classy brand with rich history, it's just not too out there like Chanel and Dior for e.g.
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  4. It's definitely a luxury brand, just not one of the ones you always hear about like Chanel, Gucci, Prada, etc. It's an understated brand, which I like because it's not overexposed. The quality is absolutely superb, though.
  5. Supply and demand i guess so
    Business point of view
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  6. +1
  7. thanks all! I ended up with a purchase of miss vara mini bag! I love the simplicity and versatility of the bag, will definitely going to use it dress up or down, I fell in love with her once I saw her in the boutique and I agree that the quality is superb! I love something that is not too common too!
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  8. I agree. Ferragamo is still a Luxe fashion house.
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  9. Does anyone have the Lydia crossbody? I am in doubt between the gucci disco or the Lydia. Any thoughts you guys could share? Thanks
  10. Maybe NAP is talking with them right now..:smile: You know Yoox bought NAP and Yoox has s steady relationship with these Italian brands.
  11. Their service seems sub par.
  12. Why do you say so? Did something specific happen?

    My local Ferragamo boutique has fab. service. Unlike my local Balenciaga - who as far as I'm concerned, has the worst service ever. I've also had terrible service at one of the LV boutiques, while amazing service at another.

    It seems to be a hit or miss with many luxury brands.
  13. The boutiques in Sydney looks old now which does look sad, however the newly renovated stores inside department stores are nice and bright. They are still quite busy and service is friendly , not sure about the actual business but I think they r still doing ok, considering there r so many new brands in the competition now.
  14. Staff in the boutiques can be hit or miss. I've been in some where the store empty and the staff was texting and socializing with each other rather than offer to assist and others where they are very attentive. As far as quality, it is there, but there can be oopses. Last year I looked at a handbag and the inside dividers were fastened with gobs of glue. I was horrified! I pointed the glue out to the SA who said she could find one without the glue, but I declined.
  15. Gee, I hope it isn't going downhill. While I always recognized the brand and have a couple of their wonderful bags, I just started buying their loafers. Which, by the way, are very comfortable, well made, and look flattering on the foot. I love horse bit detail and have a number of Gucci's as a result. The Ferragamo horse bit is more prominent and statement-making IMO. Had I realized the loafer looks much better once it's on your foot I'd have been buying them much sooner. I thought the same of Chanel ballets as well until I tried them.

    Many people in Chicago, especially guys, wear the belts. One of these days I'd like one. Their scarves are beautiful, too. The service in the Chicago store is good, attentive and friendly.