Has Eluxury lowered their LV prices?

  1. I noticed that the price for the Batignolles are lower, does anyone know what other products they have lowered their prices on. So tempting........
  2. iv just noticed the price of the french purse has decreased about £50 on the LV uk site. i wonder why theyv done this. it makes a nice change to have the prices decrease instead of increase though
  3. Oh that is GREAT news. Anything else lowered?
  4. I am a lucky ducky!!:yahoo: I politely asked for a credit because I have purchased three LV bags from ELux in the past two months and it was granted as a one time only situation. I'm so glad I read this forum!!! You go girls!!!!!:party:
  5. can you get the fp with 8 slots for 525? thanks!
  6. Congrats beartrack!