Has Ebay Pulled Any of the Fakes You've Reported?

May 13, 2007
Hello All, I am really frustrated with Ebay currently. :nuts: I love Ebay and have been a member for about 8 years. However, I recently began reporting fake LV's I've seen on the site, to no avail. Ebay hasn't pulled a single one! I've written them about this and received only their canned response about the VERO program looking into every reported item. Take a look at the following item (280116725176), which I reported days ago (now up to $445). The bag actually has one of those nasty leather tags hanging from it in one photo! I hate to see people get ripped off like this. Has anyone else had this same experience with Ebay? Thanks for your help.:confused1:


Jan 7, 2007
I think eBay never pulled fake stuffs I reported even I think they came after me and pulled my auth LV then threatened will suspended me if I relist my item. Make me desperate, I stop report fakes and post on "report this fake" by John to get help to report them :blah:


Jan 8, 2007
Saint-Brieuc, France
Ebay takes off only the bags with very little prices and very badly made. If I report one bag with yellow card or/with green envelope the auction stills up. I suppose that it's because the price is high and they are "good" fakes (if I can say that a fake is good :rolleyes:)

I have counted, for 12 reports I have receipted only 2 mails from their robot. So I am sure that they don't read all the reports.
On Ebay France the customer support was closed during 2 weeks. Impossible to report or join Ebay.
I have tried by Ebay Belgium but they have reported only 2 little auctions in 2 weeks.

Sorry for my bad english :Push:


Feb 14, 2006
I would imagine eBay has a monitoring system so that if a specific item is being reported X times, then they'll have someone take a look and may potentially remove it. I the number of reports is proporational to the quality of the fake - the better it is, the less reports.


Jan 8, 2007
Saint-Brieuc, France
They have left all the auctions with high biddings.:crybaby: It is awful for poor ebayers ! I imagine... poor people happy to purchase a Vuitton bag a lot of money and carry it proudly without knowing that it is a counterfeit !
It is pitiful ! :tdown:


Jan 3, 2007
None of the bags I've reported have been taken off. It saddens me to think of all those people buying bags they think is authentic :sad:


Apr 27, 2007
well, i guess most of them, they did pull off. but they need some times to figure out if they are fakes. they will notice buyer do not pay even after 3 days of the action ends because they finally find out that is fake.


UK, FR, IT, TZ...
Feb 25, 2007
not one of those that I reported. Most tend to be of the very high-end discontinued bags as well - sometimes blatant stolen photos too. The stamped is what I am thinking of mostly.

Sadly a lot of these auctions have pvt auction - hence you cant even message each bidder to warn them...
Feb 22, 2007
Join us at knowknockoffs. What we do is post the fakes in the forum after review by all experienced counterfeit spotters, and then we all report. Ebay rarely pulls a counterfeited item if only one report has been sent in. But when 6,7,8 and more reports are sent in on one item, its usually pulled. Exception?? Powersellers....better known as powerSTEALERS that get away with ebay murder no matter what laws and rules they break. No matter what articles you read and who quotes what from ebays big wheels, MONEY is what they want and they makes TONS of it on counterfeit sales. Then they own Paypal, so when a fake is bought and the buyer identifies it and the sellers account balance is ZERO, Paypal gives the money back to the buyer but Paypal/Ebay keeps 25.00 for their trouble. Who's winning here?? BUT, if you deal with ebay you are not allowed to complain as its your choice.
I dont bother reporting them anymore waste of time

they just pull and suspend the reputable authentic sellers
so they can keep the big sellers who have e bay in there pocket and some of there staff

bet they give them a few back handers ,
governments know there is organized crime on e bay re money laundering etc etc

there will come a day ,,,
when e bay will have to really stand up to government legislations
i hope


May 4, 2007
I recently reported 30 counterfeit Hermes bags on the UK site and all but three got pulled!!