Has eBay ever zapped your listing out of existence?

  1. On my second ever listing on eBay, I encountered something strange.

    After completion of my auction, I promptly invoiced the winner. By the next morning I had received a message from eBay that the transaction had been cancelled due to someone bidding without the account owner's authorization. Didn't even specify whether the unauthorized bidding was on the winner's account.

    Meanwhile, they completely zapped my listing out of existence, as though it never happened. I have to recreate the listing from scratch. No access even to bidding histories to make a second chance offer. Inconvenient....

    What's strikes me as particularly odd is that I wasn't even consulted or notified before the transaction was unceremoniously cancelled. Shouldn't eBay's investigation into the matter involve my input? What If I'd been contacted by the fraudulent bidder and had usable information to offer (I was contacted by 3 potential bidders during the auction)? What if this whole thing was nothing more than buyer's/bidder's remorse? What if this same bidder bids on my item again in the future and I don't know who it is? So many what ifs, but I was entirely excluded from the "investigation" process and will never have answers. I'm at a disadvantage.

    Is this normal protocol? Please let me know your thoughts.
  2. First of all,congratulations! I had a buyer do that to me( bid from someone else's account without their permission),and it didn't get caught before I was charged fees for cancelling it myself. I have had an auction cancelled after I bid. I was not the winning bid,but there was a problem with the listing and all bidders were contacted. It is weird how they almost stealth cancel.
  3. Stealth cancel is right on! It's so stealthy it's disorienting.

    I was grateful that they didn't charge me any fees on the cancelled listing. It's just that this happened when I'm so green at selling (not buying!), and already have beginner's jitters. The cancellation without my prior knowledge or input makes me uneasy since I don't know which of the bidders' accounts was used fraudulently, and how to spot this in the future. I don't even even know how this can happen in the first place.
  4. if you use auctiva, it will prevent this from happeneing (having to create your auction from scratch again). It stores your template, your pictures, and your text. I should practice what I preach and use it too, but I haven't had a listing zapped in over a year.