Has Dior HOMME become over-commercialised?

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    Has Dior HOMME become *OVER-commercialised?
    I understand that brands simply MUST commercialise to an extent, as without a large portion of their customers simply buy their products because of the brand. But with Dior HOMME, I think it may have been taken a little bit too far...

    The collections are still fabulous and very innovative, but the majority of the stores I've been to have been filled with the boring commercial products (completely COVERED in branding). And it's the same with the online selection (although this I understand more as a sort of exclusivity thing, as their are some brands who don't sell clothing online at all (such as Prada)).

    What are your thoughts on this?
  2. I don't know which stores you've been to but in terms of "completely covered in branding" there are only a couple of leather good lines that are monogrammed. None of the ready-to-wear I've seen are branded - and certainly not the runway pieces, which are carried in the larger Dior Homme boutiques. Can you provide some examples?
  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm talking about RTW specifically; and it may just be the fact that I've only visited smaller boutiques (although I can't for the life of me remember which I've visited - Singapore and presumably one in London?)

    I do love the runway pieces, but I feel like it doesn't resonate very well through to the stores..? Although as with other brands, the runway pieces sell out quickly and they're left with blander items, so this may be the case...
  4. As a business, Dior Homme - like most other luxury brands both men's and women's - offers two distinct product offerings, runway and commercial. The range offered in the runway collection will always depend on the size and importance of the particular boutique. Due to the seasonality of the runway product they are in limited supply and therefore once sold out will not usually be replenished. This helps to limit the collection's shelf life and of course maintain exclusivity for those clients that choose to shop from the runway collection.

    The commercial collection offers a mix of everyday essentials such as denim, tshirts, suiting and sneakers as well as key trends or statements from the runway that have been translated into items that are easier to wear. These may be less impactful visually than their runway counterparts but they do offer a sample of the trendy and edgy to those men who may otherwise feel the full runway look to be too "adventurous" for them. The commercial collection also equips clients with the possibility to build a Dior Homme wardrobe composed of classic pieces that won't date, as they are not as seasonal looking. It is for this reason that I don't think it is fair or accurate to say
    "commercial" is a dirty word or that it is bland or boring - it simply serves a different purpose to runway.
  5. I agree, but my point was the Dior Homme was becoming TOO commercialised, whereby the commercial goods outweigh the runway, but this was probably due to the fact that I'd only visited a few less significant Dior Homme shops.
  6. This could've been the case. The Taipei 101 Dior Homme boutique for instance has an entire floor dedicated to runway pieces and a separate floor for commercial and suiting.