HAs Dentelle been faked yet?

  1. I certainly hope not.
  2. Ya - I saw some fugly fakes in one of the threads here.
  3. Yup, just check ioffer, they're all over.
  4. [​IMG]

  5. EEEEWWWWW!!!!:yucky: That is so GROSS!
  6. Those bags are Soooo wrong on so many levels...
  7. lol Ioffer has some terrible looking fakes. Pretty funny to see what they come up with. They'll get better tho unfortunately. It makes it hard to shop eBay for bags after a certain point after release of the items by LV cause they get details perfected. Terrible.
  8. Those fakes are so hideous!
  9. *cringe, cringe*
  10. Oh my god looking at those make me want to not live.....What is wrong with people?!!
  11. yes, but it's HORRIBLE! Nothing like the real thing!

    See? GROSS!
  12. I love how authentic they look... :roflmfao:
  13. haha I love it too John- literally! No worries about being fooled on eBay! lol
    I love those fakes just the way they are.

    It's hard to even classify that as a counterfeit since it obviously deceives NO ONE that it's a dentelle! lmao :throwup:
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. I think the dentelle series gave them a hard time. LOL!