Has Coach put you in debt??

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  1. My hubz was talking about Coach last night and all the money that I've "wasted" (his terms, obviously!) on Coach. I proceeded to tell him that some people buy a few bags a month! He said there is no way they do unless they are either stinkin' rich or in debt.

    So now I am curious. Would you go into debt for Coach? I've noticed some people are posting a new bag + accessories every week or two, and now I am curious! How do you afford all of that?!
  2. I don't buy what I can't afford... and that includes things that seem pricey. I'm happy to say that BH and I work hard, and play hard too.
  3. I only pay with cash or Coach gift cards :smile:
  4. I'm not entirely sure how appropriate this question is, but I'll take a stab at it anyway. Personally, no I don't go into debt for Coach. All of my bills are paid, some is tucked away into savings, and then I buy bags. Lately, more has been going to bags than to savings which will have to stop soon. I sometimes put stuff on credit, and sometimes use my debit card, it just depends, but the CC is always paid in full at months end to avoid racking up interest. Bags are really the only thing I spend money on besides the necessities though.
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    It is a good question and a hard and personal one.. Many of the Coachies have great jobs and they can afford it and others get bags when they can but it just looks like a lot because of the posting..

    I know that I have done a bit of both and that I spend to much on Coach.. I spent alot of money on Coach last year (I had just joined tPF and went crazy) but I also sold off most of my old Collection to fund it and if I charged it I paid it off before I charged again.. I got great deals on Ebay & Bonanzle and got a lot of Gifts from my Mom, Sisters and my biggest enabler my DH...

    So in the end it evens out... I do not spend on clothes, shoes, or personal care, so I extra funds go to Coach it may be crazy but it is what I have a passion for and it makes me happy...
  6. I'm not in debt- I'm stimulating the economy-LOL! Seriously, the ONLY reason that I work is to buy clothes, shoes and handbags. We are fortunate to be a 2 income family that can live on 1 income. If I didn't work I wouldn't purchase what I do.
  7. hmmm ya thats a sticky question... yes when I bought some of my LV bags I charged them and yes it caused a problem as of now we are credit card free so I must buy all my bags with what we have in the bank.. so I try not to over spend and with the way coach moves things so quickly to the outlet im able to get bags on ebay (can't get to the outlet).. I do feel bag for those who paid full price when less than 30 days later its 30 to 50% off. I feel coach may have aproblem soon in doing this when I went in the full price store she said this is killing our business. so with all these bags flooding the markes I could have gone nuts with my credit cards so im glad I don't have them to temp me anymore.. Im a sahm (well kids are grown lol ) so I have to watch what I spend ....now if I was working i would buy bags weekly lol

  8. stimulating the economy I LOVE that one thanks!!! will tell hubby that one lol
  9. I can afford my bag this month because I ate ramen noodles everyday and beans. lol! Just joking. My husband used to say I wasted money on the bags and he's still not entirely convinced but when he saw me sell a couple for very good profit he doesn't say much lately about it. He knows they have value.
    edit: I never, ever buy full price.
  10. Sorry, I wasn't trying to offend anyone! Of course if people feel uncomfortable answering the question, they don't need to!

    My sister once told me that she thought everyone was in debt. I didn't bother to correct her, but I cannot imagine that is even close to true! (with the exception of mortgages etc.)

    I don't go into debt for Coach, but I admit that I do sometimes think about the fact that even though we can afford it, that the money might be better off in my savings account.
  11. Nope, all Coach is paid for upfront. If it goes on the old CC, then it gets paid of before the interest rate murders us.

    Some are gifts from my Mom, sometimes (albeit rarely) hubby kicks in, but other than that I pay for everything myself out of my own money.

    Hey oops! We had Ramen last night for dinner! Haha, it's so good!
  12. I haven't had Ramen in sooooo long! But this thread has inspired me to pick some up the next time I am at the grocery store!!!
  13. ^^ I don't know why, but it is so delicious. Maybe it's because I'm sick, but man! We sometimes have Ramen and grilled cheese once a week. Hmm... maybe for what I save on our Ramen night I can get an extra fob or something??
  14. No, we choose not to have any debt other than a mortgage and car loan, with plans to knock out the car loan by this fall and start on paying off the mortgage early. We are fortunate to make this choice but if our circumstances changed I still would never go into debt for a bag. To feed my kids? Heck yeah, if it came down to it.

    I think though, that most people who do choose to go into debt for a Coach bag aren't going to say so here in the forum. There was a time when people carried debt and thought nothing of it; my mom's attitude was that she was going to die anyway and that she wanted things now. But in this economy there has been a shift and debt is looked down on more than it was in the past.
  15. I don't go into debt for it. I do charge my card because I get points back. However, I work OT and use that money after all the bills are paid and I"ve put money away in my IRA. Sometimes I give up using it for clothes and such so I can have a bag, but my family is not starving and I still have a roof over my head (with electricity) :smile:
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