Has Coach changed you??????

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  1. Hey all, I don't know if I should have posted here or not, please move if needed,ty...Any how I just wanted to lighten things up a bit...I was just thinking that since I have purchased my 1st Leather bag, I'm Amazed with it...It is Patent Leather but I do Love it....Coach has definetly changed me....I have better Taste, so to speak....Since I purchased my 1st bag in 05.My choice's have really changed...I buy what I can Afford, but yet Coach makes it possible to have many options....I guess I'm still in shock every time I look at my Poppy patent spotlight....I love this bag more than any other bag to this date!!!!I cannot believe how Easy it is to care for, and how light weight it is.I guess I owe thanks to some ladie's here, because of there great review's of Patent leather, I took the plunge, so TY...I wouldn't give this bag up for anything...So that is how Coach has changed me....(I'am Finally Satisfied):girlsigh:
  2. I got into Coach in 2007, and EVERYTHING I owned was khaki signature.

    I can't remember what my first all leather bag was (I think it was Madeline, but i'm honestly not sure) or what spurred the change in me, but now that's all I carry. Patent leather is my favorite, not only for bags but accessories as well. I have 2 patent wristlets, 2 patent bags and a patent mini skinny.

    I am also really bothered by logos on my bags in general. I don't mind having signature accessories, but I can't stand it on my bags. I don't even really like blatant name plates or anything of that nature. All of my bags are very subtle, aside from my Tribeca because it has the horse and carriage. I have even been taking off the hang tags.

    I hate when people come up to me and go "OMG is that a COACH bag?". I prefer to be under the radar.
  3. I am still fairly new to buying Coach. I have three but 2 of them just bought. I have a leather peyton satchel and then two signature bags. I have gotten to wear no other bag has near the quality.

    I use to buy other brands at department stores but nothing holds a candle to my Coach bags. I just bought my first accessories this past week. My DH thinks I am nuts but doesn't argue because he has what he spends money on.
  4. It is so sad, I use to be a Coach girl. All I bought for 5 years was Coach products and then I just got so disappointed, not by the company itself, but the fact that EVERYONE and their grandmother was wearing Coach. Then you add the knock offs that are flying around, and I threw in the towel. I just can't do it anymore. I laughed a few months ago when I saw a woman sitting outside Pep Boys waiting for a ride with her daughter in the cold, sitting on the sidewalk, not at all well dressed, but sporting a Coach or I should say a "Foach".

    I bought a Treesje off of ebay on a whim 3 months ago, and I love the originality. There is so signature pattern for those to copy off of. I guess I just don't want to feel like I can have a bag that everyone can have or claim to have(knock offs). Since then I have bought 2 other Treesje bags and can say I am truly happy.

    In general, the signature pattern that everyone does, even LV is so easy to copy. Rather than admiring bags like Coach and LV, I sit around and wonder, is that authentic. I guess that is what happens when you get big, it is good for Coach being a great retailer that sticks behind their products, but bad, because everyone is copying it. In a way I feel bad for turning my back on Coach, but I just need more originality, and a bag that everyone is not trying to copy.
  5. Like Alatrop, I've changed by now preferring bags that are less recognizeable (generally, no logos, or subtle, diminuitive logos) I love bags that are different in terms of their shape or size (adore huge bags), but I've learned that I perform better when a bag has sections/compartments. I've also learned to appreciate different types of leather.

    Ultimately, however, I've learned to "never say never." Bags that I may despise initially seem to have a way of growing on me!
  6. I will have to agree about the Signature....I guess being 40,I'd rather not be a walking bill board for Coach..Since my Patent purchase, I have no urge to buy Siggy again....But as far as signature accessorie's, I'll still buy them....They stay in the bag, not on the bag,lol!!!!!:P
  7. To true...I remember many times saying I will never buy a leather bag...But I guess it is a matter of just doing it..It will either be a good thing or it will be something I do not like...So happy that I love it...Patent leather to me seems like a much Better investment...Now I can say that!!!!:P
  8. Definitely agreed (about the signature logos/patterns of all brands).

    I think it also depends on where you live. Yes, in my area, Coach is the most popular "designer" brand...but even those aren't horribly common. The styles that I carry are VERY few and far between around here because most people in my city are attracted to the signature bags, mostly because they receive them as gifts and/or it's their first/only Coach bag...I know that most of us were the same way when we discovered a love for the brand!

    However, there are certain factors that keep me coming back to Coach. The price, for one. I like that I can get a very good quality bag with a luxurious feel without going totally broke. I like other brands, but when their average price is ~$500, I just can't do it. I also like the fact that I have been able to find fairly plain, classic shapes in great colors. (evidence in my signature :nuts:) And although most find Coach's widespread appeal as a negative thing, I like the fact that I like Coach, and my fiance's mom likes Coach, as do his younger sisters. It seems to be a brand that truly appeals to all ages/races/styles due to the large amount of variety thoughout the lines.

    For instance, a Poppy girl =/= a Madison girl =/= a Tribeca girl.
  9. Those are very good points..I feel the same about the people in my area..We are Blessed or cursed to have 4 Outlets and like 4 FP stores in area..I do see More Signature than leather...Age is not a factor either..I see older women with siggy bags and younger with leather...All in all Coach makes it very easy to Love their Bags...Quality, price and so many other reasons.
  10. I am more critical of quality since buying Coach. The feel of bags has become much more important to me. My first Coach was the Madeline Khaki siggy. Since then, all my bags but one have been leather. Once I graduated to leather, I have'nt been able to go back to siggy for some reason.
  11. I have a feeling that the same will go for me as well!!!! I just wish I had put some of my money on leather before now...But oh well, I have plenty of time and shopping to do,lol....Like I said though, for me siggy accessorie's are quite acceptable...I can now say that I'am a Patent Leather Girl..I've graduated,lol...Having 4 kids, 2 of them being 2 and 3, it is easier to care for.....
  12. It has changed my style of purses. I dont carry anything except Coach now, except my 2 Micheal Kors bags. This forum has changed the frequency at which i purchase new items lol
  13. I also never considered patent leather before Coach. Now I am thinking about taking the plunge and getting my first patent bag.
  14. it's definitely changed me. I mean, I still occassionally buy/carry a non Coach but the whole time I'm thinking "why am I using this? I have the real deal at home!". Coach for me has just made the thrill of the hunt more... thrilling. I have more fun buying bags, and I'm more careful with them. I'm very lucky that I'm able to own any Coach anything let alone the amount that I do.
  15. I say go for it....I love the fact that is it so easy to keep nice....I love the feeling as well and it shines so nicely....I couldn't have picked a better 1st patent bag..The poppy spotlight has such a nice shape.