Has Blue India arrived at Neiman Marcus?

  1. I saw that a blue india twiggy arrived at Barney's, so I was wondering if there'd been any NM sightings yet? Also, what is the official Neiman Marcus name for the blue india color?
  2. I was at the Neimans today in Paramus and when I asked and described it they brought out a Cornflower Work. I am so annoyed with how little the SA's know about what they're selling. I was at Short Hills yesterday and pretty much had the same thing happen.
  3. Yeah, while at Short Hills last week, the SA directed me to a Blueberry bag. <sigh> who knows when NM is getting this color...:shrugs:
  4. Blue India will arrive at NM end of Oct. and the color code is 49. :love:
    Also according to Barneys and NM Twiggy will be discontinued after Spring 2007.:yucky:
  5. :wtf: Really? I love the Twiggy. hmmm if this is true maybe I need to buy some Twiggy bags before they do this. I like it almost as well as the City. It is almost the same size as one of my favorite bags ever(a Prada).
  6. :yes:Yes Powderpuff100- i was so sad when i heard it. I was at NM yesterday to buy a Blueberry Hobo my SA told me it will be discontinued after Spring 2007 and the girl at Barneys Beverly Hills told me the same thing. I love this style and i hate to see it go. I am waiting for the Blue India in Twiggy size and no luck so far.:flowers:
  7. I wonder why they would discontinue the Twiggy...I thought it was one of their most popular styles (City, First, Twiggy). Hmm...I'm glad I have mine!
  8. That stinks!!! I'll have to get a twiggy soon.
  9. Thanks for that info! END of Oct?!? Ugh. Also, does anyone know the name they are using for the Blue India color? I know they have names, because they had a really weird name for Rouille ... "Yellow Ochre."
  10. My SA at NM was REALLY confused when I said Blue India. She kept calling it "blue-gray." So maybe that's it?
  11. NM calls it Blue/Gray but definitely give them the code 49 so they won't get it mixed up with Blueberry. The Blueberry code is 47.:heart:
  12. Thanks ... wow ... the codes are even kind of close ... 47 vs 49. I can just imagine my disappointment in receiving a blueberry City after thinking I ordered a Blue India... I mean Blue Grey (better get out of the habit now... ;) )
  13. P.S I'm disappointed they couldn't come up with a more creative & confusing name like they did with the Rouille... ;)
  14. I know, These different names are causing so many problems. They almost sent me the Blueberry last week instead of Blue/Gray if i hadn't double checked on the shipping. I was so happy that i had finally found the BG but no i still have to wait.:sad:
  15. fiatflux- which Barney's did you see the Twiggy? because i called them and they said BG has not arrived yet.:confused1: