Has baby spy ever released in Grey?

  1. I've got only cognac and denim spy, and i'm thinking to add a little bit to my spy collection. I've made up my mind to head for baby spy, and i just wonder whether this style is released in Grey???:s I like Grey so much, as it's not exactly grey tone but more of khaki.

    Any suggestion on colors i should go for??? I also like zucca, but i'm not sure whether the leather part is just like my cognac :confused1:

    TIA...:love: ...
  2. No the baby spy did not come in grey, does come in the new Blueberry. The Zucca is a dark chocolate brown not the Cognac colour.

    If I was you would go for the new Blueberry
  3. I completely agree! :drool:
  4. Thanksss for ur inputsss...i'll go and ccc how..:graucho:

    such a pity tht it doesn't have greyyyy..i love greyyy:sad:
  5. I'm a newbie to Spy bags. What are the difference in dimensions for the Regular spy compared to the baby spy? The Baby spy bag is not the Spy hobo, correct?
  6. The best baby spy is the zucca one in my opinion. And also in my opinion, the baby one is not worth the money...and there is nothing "spy" about it. A Louis Vuitton speedy 30 is much better and cheaper.
  7. BTBF, I totally disagree with your opinion on the baby spy thing. I love the baby spy bag because it looks so unique and the handles show that it is indeed a spy bag. I would much rather carry a baby spy than the speedy. I have both and I get alot more comments about my spy bag than the speedy. Speedy is a classic so I am not going to knock it but I much rather carry my baby spy bag.
  8. Westwood -

    I agree with you. The Spy is not a all an equivalent to a speedy. The Spy, in my opinion, is so much more unique and the handles do add "spyness" to it. I have a Spy hobo in white. Yeah, in shape, it's just a hobo, but the beautiful handles and trim and gorgeous buttery leather means I ALWAYS get at least 1 or 2 compliments whenever I wear it, even though it's "just a hobo". Not so with any 'ole hobo. The same applies to the baby Spy in regards to it being an equivalent of a speedy.

    BTBF -- I respect that you like your LV Speedy and think it's "better" but I beg to differ. A Spy is much better all around in my eyes. The design, the features that set it apart, the way it ages and handles -- the Spy wins out in all these for me. And yes, the LV Speedy is cheaper, but I'd rather spend more money on a gorgeous buttery piece of bubbly nappa leather in a knockout color than on a piece of laminate canvas emblazoned with someone else's initials.

    Mameaw -- What have you decided?? Blueberry is such a sumptuous color! Did ya get it, huh huh huh??? :yahoo::nuts: :graucho: :heart:
  9. Agree - the baby speak spy all over it. I have the spy hobo which may (or may not) be bigger than the baby?

    I haven't taken the pastic off the mirror logo thing yet

  10. fatefullotus: Well said! You hit the nail right on the head. Couldn't have said it better!:yes:

    Roccoa: Love your bag! Spy is a Spy no matter it being a baby, or hobo! Anyone can tell!:wlae: :yes: You look amazing with your new beautiful bag!
  11. the hobo looks great on you! congrats!!

    i have the baby spy zucca and it is, indeed, a very cute bag. subtle but gorgeous, nonetheless :heart:
    i agree!!!
  12. Fatefullotus -- thanks so much for your thoughts on the Speedy. I have collected LVs for many years and quite frankly, the Speedy is my least favorite, (OK, almost bought it in the perf fushia I will admit) but overall LVs are very stuctured and a bit stiff. The Italian lineage of the Spy and its related styles adds the dimension of pure unadulterated SENSUALITY to the equasion. A spy bag says "touch me, hold me...". Every inch of it needs to be examined in a tactile manner. I truly can't say that about my LVs: They are neat, put together, classy....but tactile or sensual? No way :yucky:
  13. BagLady, you are too cute! I never thought of it that way, but... YAH! Spies do call out to be touched and caressed! LOL I'm wearing my white hobo today (god, I LOVE this bag!) and two ppl (collegues) have asked to touch the leather. It always astonishes them how well the bag falls/drapes, even though it's so soft. Sensual is the perfect word to describe it!

    I do own a couple of LV Speedys (black and green Epi) and LV Speedy-esque bags (Josephine mini-mono and Duomo damier). And yes, they are very structured and very classic, but they don't demand attention like ANY of my Spies. Noone's ever asked me, "What is that bag?" or asked to touch my LV's or hold it, etc. But everytime I bring out a Spy, I've got a gaggle of women eyeing my bag enviously. I :heart: all my Spies.

    But I still can't stop oggling your LIZ! I neeeeeed one! LOL
  14. [​IMG]

    A picture of me holding the bag. I don't own a Speedy.
  15. ^---- I LOVE it! Beautiful! Makes any outfit so much more special!

    Thanks for sharing!