Has anyyone tried this??? need a review

  1. Bobbi Brown Gold Shimmer Brick Compact

    Beauty | Makeup
    The new limited edition Bobbi Brown Gold Shimmer Brick Compact ($38) is a great set of colors to highlight almost any skin tone. The compact includes five shades of ultra-luxe, pearlized pigments that blend together to create a soft golden glow on the eyelids or cheekbones. Wear it with your regular shades to add some extra sparkle or on its own for a natural-looking glow.
  2. i had this i got it for xmas .. its nice but i think htat the ysl one is much better. its got like a swirly theme in it with like flowers. thats a nice blush shimmer
  3. the apricot is the one i have. i think. well i find it too shimmery. it's too bad because i really wanted to like it
  4. i have it but i never use it, i prefer M.A.C. and chanel cosmetics.
  5. That palette is fantastic for night, but for day I like Too Faced Cosmetic's Snow Bunny compact!
  6. I love it. I love all Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.
  7. a girlfriend of mine has it..she says its too shimmery
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