Has anything like this ever happened to you?

  1. The other night my husband and I got together with another couple. I don't know the wife too well, but at one point we were talking about handbags and she said she would never spend over $150 on a bag. Fine.

    She later compliments me on my bag. I was wearing my Magenta Bottega Veneta. She basically grabs it from my shoulder and starts looking at it. She asked what brand it was and I say I'm not really sure (a huge lie but given the fact that I paid well over $150, I didn't feel comfortable divulging that info).

    She then proceedes to UNZIP my bag to look at the label!!! She struggles to pronounce "Bottega Venetta". At that point, I ask for my bag back and quickly change the subject.

  2. WOW. :wtf:

    That is incredibly rude of her! No one has any business to take someone else's purse and basically snoop through it. That is just wrong, you never gave her permission and said, "Here, you can look at it if you'd like."
  3. Yeah, that's just downright rude, not to mention somewhat strange. Sorry you had to endure that!
  4. That was undoubtedly rude and very strange on her part, as though she was fishing for some information from you about your spending habits. I just can't picture it.
  5. The funny thing is, my main concern was that she was going to go straight home, google BV, make a comment to her husband who would then tell my husband and then my husband would ask me "You spent HOW much on that bag??!??!??!" :nuts:

    At least I bought the bag for half retail price from a fellow pfer on eBay. I love the bag!!! I have gotten so many compliments and my husband even made a comment on it (and he rarely notices my bags or at least doesn't say much about them).

    But yeah, it was rude!
  6. My jaw has dropped to the floor....people are scaring me lately..the NERVE!!! You handled the situation well...ME...wouldn't want to think about it lol!!
  7. Unbelievable....what a rude woman.
  8. What I don't understand about this whole scenario is WHY you felt the need to LIE to her about your bag ?? I've seen lots of women on here say they lied about their bag or how much it cost, etc etc. WHY ??? Be proud of your bags ladies !!! And stand up for yourselves !! It's no one elses business how much you spend and I'd tell them so if they comment on it !!!
  9. I wonder if she would have asked you what you spent on it- I always find the question "How much did that cost?" to be offensive.
  10. If someone grabbed my bag like that, I would not hesitate to cause them pain. :boxing:
  11. LOL! I can identify with that.
  12. It's amazing how many people lately cross the line as far as what is socially acceptable. That was just obnoxious. It goes along the lines of asking someone how much they earn, what they weigh, and how old they are. YOU JUST DON'T DO THAT!!!
  13. ^^^^^^^

    I totally agree. This world is full of jealous (mostly female) haters.
  14. It was extremely rude of her to go through your bag like that! What nerve! :wtf:
  15. WOW, that is incredibly rude!!!
    It was none of her business....so nosy!
    I don't know what I would've done if someone did that to me....I believe something along the lines of slapping them...[mentally at least] :wtf: