Has anyone's dog ever had a fever?

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  1. I took my dog to the vet on January 25th because she was due for her rabies vaccine and when they took her temperature, it appeared to be pretty high (104). We all thought she was just nervous at first because she seemed REALLY nervous and even crapped on the floor in the clinic. :push::shame: But the vet and the vet's assistant took her temperature at least 5/6 times and it was still 104 (and her temperature is usually around 101 when we visit the vet) so we decided to wait a week and see if she'll be less nervous.

    So, Friday (2/1), I took her back to get vaccinated but they took her temperature again and it was still high. We decided not to get her vaccinated yet since she has a fever. The vet couldn't find anything wrong because she's been acting normal (very active at home, eating and drinking properly, no sign of sickness at all) and the vet said she looked good physically and checked her out but didn't find anything wrong. He sent us home with some antibiotics and I have to bring her back next Friday.

    However, she's been feeling extremely warm today. I'm really worried cause she's never gotten a fever before. She's acting normal though, still running around, playing with her toys as usual... bothering every one, eating fine... I also tried to take her temperature but every time I try to put the thermometer inside her butt, she runs away. :sad:
  2. The average temp for a dog is 102 but every dog is different. If she is acting normal in every way maybe her normal temp is higher? That does seem strange though. Sorry I am not much help. My dog had a fever once with an infection that went away with meds.
  3. My dog's had this problem too. The doctors refuse to give him shots until his temp came down. My dog felt a bit warm in the stomach area and his paws were warm too, i gave him like a very tiny dose of nyquil and even tho he didnt fall asleep he did get ebtter the next day. To this day i still have no idea what was wrong with him.