Has anyone written to customer service Via web site?

  1. About how long does it take them to respond?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I have multiple times :smile: Takes a few hours or a day at most for them to reply.
  3. It Took them a day last time i wrote to them.
  4. only a day
  5. Ya i should take just a day.
  6. Same here, one day ! :yes:
  7. When I had my bad boutique experience I wrote them a lengthy email and got a reply within the hour.
  8. one day for me, great customer service.
  9. I ask questions at least ONCE every week! LOL and usually they respond within 24 hours.
  10. I forget what I asked about (it was something to do with one of the lines coming out I believe) and they responded in a few hours. Probably because it was during their business hours.
  11. Usually about a day or so. Depending on which day you contact. Weekends take until Monday!
  12. roughly a day telling me politely to call the customer services number.
  13. I think it only took a day in my case too. The person who responded was very helpful.
  14. wouldn't it be faster to just call them?
  15. Do they give a cookie cutter cut/paste response? Or do the responses seem like they actually read your email?