Has anyone worn her Stam without the Chain?

  1. Hi:

    I just loaded up my Stam for work tomorrow. It's got to be my heaviest bag yet. I thought the Paddington was heavy, but I think this one wins the prize. The chain is what is weighing it down. So I ask, have any of you Stam Owners ever taken the chain off and gone out without it? To me, the chain really makes the look of the bag, and it would be a shame to ditch it; however, my neck, shoulders and back need a break from time to time. What do you think?
  2. Yes, sometimes I take my black stam out at night without the chain, it depends on the outfit.
  3. i never wear the chain
    too gaudy for my taste
  4. Finally, someone else who also noticed that this bag is WAY heavier than the Paddy.

    However, I think the chain makes the bag, so I leave it on, carry it by the handles instead of the chain whenever possible and suffer for fashion's sake.:blink:
  5. I have two stams and often go without the chain. While I do love the chain like you I do find it heavy and think the bag look fantastic even without it.
  6. Oh, thank you! I thought I was committing the ultimate fashion crime :biggrin: by removing the chain.

    I love how the chain looks -- sort of the Stam "signature" -- but the bag does indeed look great even without it.
  7. I've taken the chain off from time to time--I think the bag still looks good.

    If I'm wearing a chain belt, I think having the chain on the bag would be too much, so I take it off. Sometimes I just want the bag to be a bit lighter.

    I think the fact that the chain is removable means it is meant to be an option--so we get to decide how we want to carry it!
  8. I don't use the chain. Ever.

    haha I just don't find it as cute as the bag itself. Plus, it's uber heavy.. and I've been spoiled by balenciagas ^^
  9. I just got a Blush Stam and I am going to wear it without the chain strap for everyday. I'll put it on occasionally but I cant see myself having it on all the time.

    I wore it shopping this weekend and my arms hurt.