Has anyone worked in a cosmetics dept?

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  1. ... like in a dept store? I got offered a job at Macy's and I'm not sure if I want to take it. I just wanted to get some thoughts/ opinions from people who've done it! TIA :heart:
  2. I am curious about this myself. My local Macy's is looking for people to work in cosmetics. Do you have to be a makeup artist or even be really good at applying makeup?
  3. I'm not really sure, to be honest. I'm not a MA, and I don't have a lot of actual, official experience besides buying lots of makeup and playing with it! :biggrin:

    I did sell Avon in the past though and I have done makeup for proms, weddings, etc...
  4. I was a freelance MA during college, and cosmetics counters kept trying to recruit me, but I could never do it because of my schedule.

    You will either work as a Macy's employee, or work for the brand, like Estee Lauder.

    If you are a Macy's cosmetic counter employee your main goal is to sell, sell, sell, so any retail sales experience is good. You don't need to be an expert at applying makeup... you will most likely learn on the job practicing on coworkers during your free time or on friends that you get to visit you. If you are unfamiliar with it before starting the job, practice a lot just in case someone asks for a makeover while you are still new.

    You get an hourly rate (they offered me $15 per hour to head a counter) plus commission (I might be wrong, but I think my offer was 1 or 2%). The discount is only 20% I believe, but you get tons of gratis. If this is the job you were talking about, wear comfortable shoes! I cannot stress that enough.

    If your job is contracted, ie you are an Estee Lauder employee that is working 2-3 Macy's in your town, you are generally salaried if you are full time. If you are a freelancer for them, they will offer you an hourly wage. You also get lots of gratis as a contractor. Your district manager will give you your schedule that week, and you're pretty much on your own and need to go to the Macy's set up, do makeovers, help the SA's there, and promote the brand.
  5. I worked at belk, chanel cosmetics, great grattis, long hours, lovesbmw
  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences, ladies! I'm really not sure how it works, yet. I applied for part time, just as a second job for the holidays. Macy's technically offered me the job, but they said they're going to have me talk to people from a couple different counters, to see which is the best fit. I'm reeeeeally hoping it's Shiseido or Chanel *fingers crossed* !!
  7. Claire--I worked at Macy's for both Shiseido & Dior. Shiseido will really emphasize their facial massage rather than performing makeovers in the store. They will send you to school to learn about products and techniques etc, plus you get gratis at school. Macy's will pay you mileage. Obviously, you need to wear a full face of the product and have nails neat (no acrylics) and hair pulled back. Shi lets you wear all black & at the time Dior had a uniform.

    Overall, it was a lot of fun, but you must meet your sales goals & build a client list. They'll want you to link sell 2 or more items and sell their credit card. Usually you won't have to help other depts, but you may have to clean up in ready 2 wear etc.
  8. Sounds like a fun job! I would love to do that! I was thinking of applying for extra xmas $$$ but I know DH wouldn't be too thrilled.
  9. I worked seasonal @ Macys for Lancome in 2006.

    They paid me only $7.75 an hour + 2% commission.

    The thing I disliked about it was that since theres commission, theres a lot of hissy b*tches working with u who get mad if you sell more.

    Holiday seasons are crazy.
  10. My sister in law works for Clinique-- been almost 9 or 10 years now, I don't remember exactly... love the gratis! She gets tons of free stuff and passes some down to family/friends. :smile:

    I also knew a bunch of friends/acquaintances that worked in the cosmetics dept (various brands-- Lancome, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, etc) temporarily back in college. Some of them enjoyed it, others hated it and eventually quit.
  11. The main things I keep hearing are: *****es, Commission and Gratis! LOL

    I still don't know if I want to do it... I don't think I will like working on commission; especially if there's strict quotas. I'm not a pushy person AT ALL :hrmm:
  12. Well, Claire, once again you have me thinking... There's a chance DH and I will be moving soon, and if we do, there will be some time that I won't be able to work in my current careers (would need licensing for another state). Maybe a makeup counter would be fun!
  13. Yep, I loved it. Macy's.

    Clinique and would help out sometimes with the other. paid about 9-10/hour and I think 2-3 percent commission. I sold alot, so most times I made more in commission. Lots of gratis.
  14. I worked for Clinique in Dillards some years back. Loved it other than my feet hurt from being on them all day.

    Loved working in beauty products.. funny to do makeovers on drag queens..
    Funny to cover up bruises from various plastic surgeries including breasts augmentations because of them showing in clothes and what not.

    Inventory was a bit stressful counting 8 billion lip pencils and such..

    Loved all the education on cosmetics they provided.

    I actually did this job when I was laid off from my real job.... loved it so much I tried to keep doing it when I got another "real job" but the hours were just too much...

    It's fun!
    (but the pay stunk)
  15. I'm bumping this thread because I have an interview for Macy's on Monday. I have never worked in a department store except as a cashier for Kmart a long, long time ago. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. They weren't specific of what or who I would be working for, but they did tell me to ask for the Estee Lauder Cosmetics Manager. One thing though is that I know nothing about Estee Lauder. I've never worn their makeup. I use mostly MAC and Laura Mercier.

    I've read that you will have about three interviews. So please give me some pointers or tips. I'm excited, but I'm going from an 8-5 government job to retail. Working in the beauty industry has always been something that I would love to do. Thanks.