Has anyone worked for a handbag company?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm asking this because I was in the Edison Coach store and there was a woman next to me looking at a bag and debating whether or not to buy it. I told her it was gorgeous and limited edition, yadda yadda. She bought it. The manager was behind me and asked me a couple of questions and asked since I am unemployed right now, would I like a job at the store?

    I've only worked retail at a book store, never anything else. But I would be in heaven being around all those bags!

    Thank you

  2. Go for it; you will learn all the insider secrets. I have lots of women's clothing/lingerie exp; not purses; but, learning the mark-ups and buying patterns in fashion is interesting.
  3. Lucky you! That is a great opportunity. I have never worked for a handbag company, but I always thought it sounded like fun. Let us know your decision!
  4. Sounds like you have a knack for this kind of work, and might enjoy it. As someone who has hired and trained over 100 people in my career, I'd say that an interest in the work and good attitude is far more important than experience in most starting positions. If you're interested, why not give it a shot?
  5. That manager is IMPRESSED with your talent/skill of persuasion. Why not go for that job especially since he/she personally offered you that job. Plus you'll get the employee discount as an added bonus!!!
  6. Give it a go. They will train you and what a better working envrionment! Bags, Bags, Bags.:love:
  7. You should go for it and see how you like it. By the way, I'm originally from Freehold, and I assume that the Coach you're referring to is in Menlo Park, right?
  8. Yep. Menlo Park. For some reason I really like that mall the best out of all the other malls around Mercer and Middlesex. I just like all their shops. I lived in Hightstown for 5 years and would go to the Freehold Raceway mall. I haven't been there in a long time, but I remember the stores were outstanding, and the carousel was wonderful.
  9. The only thing that bothers me about Menlo is that I find it to be claustrophobic. The walkways are so narrow, and it gets really crowded. I haven't been there in years, so maybe it's different now?
  10. So, how did this end? Did you take the job? Any "insider" secrets we should know?
  11. they have completely revamped the freehold mall last year..its soo nice but they took out some of the cheaper stores and they were replaced with more upscale ones..they also put an addition on the outside and they added a cheesecake factory, pf changs, borders, about 5 other stores i cant remember, and down the road they took out marshalls and sams club and added a raymour and flannigan and the christmas tree shop. And they took out the fountain in the middle and made it a starbucks, which im kinda pissed about b/c i always thought that was the center of the mall and loved going and throwing change in when i was a kid
  12. this thread is from 2005!very old!!
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