Has anyone won anything from Bluefly.com?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    Just curious, has anyone won anything from Bluefly..I know they had a handbag giveaway competition, the LV suitcase giveaway thing and the shoes giveaway
    needless to say, I didnt win anything =(
    Just wondering if any Pfers had luck with Bluefly? It will be nice to know that one of us here got something..hehe

  2. I ordered a Prada keychain and a Prada cosmetics bag...that I am happy with...but I have heard that some had fakes sent to them...as for me...I would buy from them again....:yes:
  3. Bagluvlvu, She's asking about the contests that Bluefly has.

    All I ever get from those contests are codes for free shippping, percent off codes and such. I've often wondered who DOES win. When they had the shoe giveaway and the bag giveaway a while back I SO wanted to win those.
  4. ^ I bet you no one does! That company has really started going downhill in my opinion. Higher prices, fakes in with the real....
  5. ^ Nope, someone does actually win. I remember a girl won a Fendi bag or something a while back
  6. A girl in a Livejournal purse community won an MJ hobo from one of their contests. A lot of people didn't believed her when she posted it (honestly, I was one of them) but she posted some pics when she got it. I think she also posted here before.
  7. I have only won lame percentage off coupons or the opportunity to play again if I send junk mail to my closest friends!
  8. I've just won coupon codes and percentages off orders but never a bag or anything.

    There was someone on PF that won a bag a few mths ago in their last contest.
  9. Never won anything (except for free shipping)!
  10. On the handbag giveaway, someone won a Marc Jacobs (I think that's what it was), on here.
  11. People have won in the past. I've only seen one person come up and say they won and they showed the bag they won but I'm sure there are more people out there that's not on TPF or livejournal that won.
  12. thats great at least I know for sure the contests are genuine =)
  13. Oops!!!!:P

  14. Me too, won lots of coupons but thats it!!!:smile:
  15. I remember seeing a list of winners on their website a while back ago. I've never won anything but stupid 10% or 15% off or free shipping codes.