Has anyone washed their J.Crew stowaways?

  1. I just love the Madras style...And stumbled upon this one by J.Crew. But...It's sold out...Before I consider going on eBay. I was wondering if anyone has this style. And...If it could be machine washed? Since it's made of cotton...
  2. I have one very similar in a seersucker material and have washed it in the washing machine with no problems.
  3. ;) Much appreciate your experiance with it. I figured I could wash it. I just love the Madras look. Yet...A friend tried to warn me that cotton gets dirty rather quickly. And that it would soon look ratty. I figured if I could wash my son's Madra shorts why not this bag~ That someone else has washed theirs. (even though not a Madras I would think they would hold up relatively the same)