Has Anyone Visited The Jimmy Choo Boutique In Chicago????

  1. So I go on a family vacation the first part of January 2007 and somehow missed the Jimmy Choo boutique opening. So, I made reservations for Chicago next week to take my daughter on a "Girls Shopping Vacation" on Michigan Ave (and any outlet malls on the way:graucho: )
    Has anyone been to this JC boutique and how does it compare all the other ones? I plan on going CRAZY in the :choochoo: :choochoo: store:yahoo:
  2. Woo Hoo :choochoo: :choochoo: am so jealous. I've only done the London stores. Post pics please when your back.
  3. That sounds like so much fun robynbenz:yahoo: Take pictures of anything new you see for us please:smile: I really like the Ring bag.I have not seen it IRL.My SA,in Orlando,three hours away from me,said it would be coming out in a beautiful ecru color for fall. Also,the mahalas will be in deep jewel tones,patent green,vamp, deep purple. Happy shopping:queen:
    RING[1] (2).JPG
  4. My that is a Gorgeous color:nuts: I will take photos of anything & everything:drool: This will be like a CANDY STORE:yes:
  5. Does anyone know if they have Sales???
  6. Samantha's Collection ~~your bag is gorgeous
  7. Last week at the Jimmy :choochoo: store was like being in a candy store. I made the mistake of asking if I could take photos of the bags, but the SA said it was not allowed. She offered to take a photo of me outside the store. I did ask about the 2007 Fall line and the info Samantha's Collection provided sounds like it is happening!:woohoo: I can't WAIT!
  8. I was in Chicago a few days ago and and noticed the Jimmy Choo store on Oak St. I had no idea it was there and must have missed it by a few weeks when i was shopping in late december. The assistant manager was extremely helpful. I was shopping with my boy friend and he bought me a beautiful pair for a belated valentines present since we were not able to spend the day together. I got the Gwyneth in natural canvas and I love them. They are tan and not black.

  9. Enjoy your time in Chicago the store was wonderful
  10. OMG! THese are gorgeous!

  11. OMG!
    Those shoes are TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Wow they are gorge.