Has anyone used Woolite Dry Cleaner's Secret to remove smoke smell from GM?

  1. Has anyone used Woolite Dry Cleaner's Secret to remove smoke smells from your cashmere-silk GMs?

    I've never used this product - just purchased these in the hopes of "refreshing" some clothes (mostly cashmere &/or silk or light wool) versus dry cleaning them. I am supposed to put a semi-moist cloth from the kit in the dryer with the item(s) for 20 minutes on medium heat (or low).

    I was primarily hoping to remove smoke smells without putting certain items through the trauma of unnecessary dry cleaning. Why, oh why, is smoke so clingy :sad:

    I've tried airing out my shawls to no avail. I've also tried placing them in airtight containers with lavender sachets & cedar sachets. The faint to moderate smell of smoke is still there. I don't want to spray them with a linen spray or other scented item as I don't want to coat the material & just mask the smell.

    So lovely TPFers, has anyone used the Woolite Dry Cleaner's Secret or any other home method to successfully rid your GM of smokey scents? Any advice would be much appreciated :flowers:
  2. No I totally get the not wanting to dry clean deal but I have to say the best option for this is the following ,if You have a home steamer ,you put tea like chamomile or any other light colored tea in the water tank, that converts to steam, and problem solved ! You can put in any kind of tea or aroma tea ,you feel like except for black teas obviously.but that makes it a lot better, believe me the steam has an aroma that cleans and removes the smell.I have a smoking dad and I found this works fine .hope it helps darling .birkel.
  3. Wow Birkel - amazing advice!! Must try this if caught at a smoky party again over the holidays Ty!!
  4. ^ Plain ol' steam in a steamer will do the same trick.
  5. I've used Dryel with no ill effects.
  6. FABULOUS advise!!!! Thank you! I bought a pre-loved cosmetic case that had a bit of perfume odor and I'm hoping this advise will do the trick....
  7. Birkel, thank you so much for the tea-steaming tip. I do have a professional standing steamer (the home version), so I might try this. The only thing that makes me nervous is the color of the tea. I once used tea to dye eggs to get a lovely marbled effect. I can't even imagine this happening to one of my shawls :wtf:

    I might go on a hunt for white tea (I think I can just pick it up at Whole Foods) or take a look at chamomiles - I'll brew a batch & take a look at the color before deciding on taking the leap with the steamer.
  8. Thank you for your suggestion Handybags. Unfortunately, this didn't work for me & I really wish it did. I tried airing my shawl out then steaming it & airing it out again & re-steaming it ad infinitum. Smoke is stubborn :push:
  9. Thank you for letting me know. I think the Woolite thing is the same concept as Dryel.

    I have an LG washer & dryer with steam functions on each, but I've never bothered to figure out how it works on the dryer. I've had no reason to as yet. I do use the steam option with the washer for stains & with the "Allergiene" cycle - on regular clothes. It works beautifully.

    Perhaps using the steam option in my dryer with the scented sheet would be a variation of the steamer & scented tea option?

    BTW, love your kitty & the laptop in your profile pic :smile:
  10. If Restricter says Dryelle works, then I would believe her. There should be a "dryelle" setting on your dryer. If not, follow the directions on the dryelle or woolite. I have heard very bad things about woolite, so we do not even use the liquid in our laundry anymore. I, personally, would take it to my dry cleaner or to H to send to their cleaner.
    I'd be afraid of the steam setting on the dryer. I think it might distort the shape of the shawl.
  11. If you use Dryel or some other variation of a home dry cleaning kit, remember to set the heat on the lowest possible setting and only keep it in there for a few minutes before checking on it. Do NOT leave it in there for a full 30 minutes.

    I trust Dryel but not that much...
  12. I belive i should of expalined a little more ,As for the tea it must be the lightest color and it also has to be diluted in a basic 90 percent water ten percent tea it's only to scent the water and then it works fine I just did my brazil shawl in blue with chamomile and its perfect now I do have ti add though my jiffy steamer does not. Squirt . At all as I know that some do again hope it helps darling if not restricter is very wise in her suggestion
  13. Hi Balto Bag Lady - thank you for your advice & for backing up Restricter's advice. I looked on my dryer & there is no "dryelle" setting (it's an LG front loading steamdryer). There are all sorts of cycles & custom heat settings from air dry, ultra low, low, medium, etc. I think I would use the low or ultra low setting for Dryel.

    I don't use Woolite for my laundry either - I just purchased the Dry Cleaner's Secret as I'd read good things (the original company created the product & was purchased by Woolite). It seems like everyone in lingerie stores advise against Woolite.

    For laundering, I use Laundress products - they are great! They have specific products for wool/cashmere, darks, delicates, lingerie, whites, scented vinegar, stain removal, etc. However, they are all liquid products. I don't use powders as one laundry expert told me that powders don't dissolve as easily as liquid products (they require a minimum temperature to work).

    Why do you not use liquids? Is there something bad about using liquids in laundry?

    I would take my shawl to my dry cleaner, but he retired & the people who own it now placed 3 holes in a beautiful blazer I love. The fact that they used something that dissolved or burned through my fabric doesn't inspire me to send them my H items...or any items. I would go to H, but the shawl was just cleaned. I wore it twice & it retained this smokey scent from far too many men smoking cigars around me. It's not dirty or soiled & I don't want to "overclean" it (thereby shortening its overall life). I just don't want it to smell like an ashtray like it does now. Blech.

    Thank you :smile:
  14. Thank you for your specific advice (I need it!) & instructions. I think I'm going to pick up Dryel for this task as you trust it. I will definitely use the lowest possible setting & check on it :flowers:
  15. Hi Birkel - thank you so much for your detailed explanation of your methods & the ratio of tea you use in your steamer. I would certainly not have come up with a 10/90 ratio. I have a feeling your thorough explanation prevented me from ruining my shawl & other items :faint:

    I was thinking of you when I was looking at orange blossom white tea by the Republic of Tea this weekend :flowers: