Has anyone used the rainkit??????

  1. i've always wondered this because i have never seen anyone use one. what does it look like??? i mean, i see that it's some sort of clear plastic "bag". it's so nicely folded that i wouldn't want to take it out of the package. i've read that certain leathers like togo (which is what i just bought) hold up well in the rain. what kind of leather do u all have and have u taken it out in the rain?? has anyone here used their rainkit?????
  2. They do hold up well but why take the chance ;)

    I try not to use my Birkin when it rains, if I get cought in the rain that baby ges on!!!
  3. I've never used it, but on the rare occasions that I do carry my H bag, I always bring the rainkit with it just in case.
  4. I live in probably one of the wetest places in the world !and have never used my rainkit i believe in keeping raincoats for my children but for my bags forget it life is way to short ! ps .my bags are used year round and are in perfect condition !:smile:
  5. How is the climate at where you live aside from being humid? Does it also get really hot in the summer? If so, for the time that you don't carry your bags, do you live them at your house with the A/C turn on?
  6. I always carry my rainkit along in my H bags. I've used it a couple of times when it was pouring rain by surprise!
  7. I wish we needed ac ! I live in Ireland so the weather is wet wet wet oh yeah and damp !:smile:
  8. la van: is the rainkit just a big plastic bag??
  9. I always keep one in the inner pocket of my bags and actually had to use it twice when I got caught in an unexpected downpour in both SF and Seattle. It's like a mini-plastic tarp with slots where the handles are and it covers the bag. I was a little embarrassed to whip it out in public, but it actually came in handy!
  10. I don't use mine but I did open one up to try it on.
  11. The raincoat is soooo sweet! I wish Hermes made other outfits for their bags!:roflmfao:
  12. are there any pictures of a kelly or birkin wearing its raincoat? I'd love to see one!
  13. oh wow! you are my kind of girl. do you own any hermes in box leather???
  14. That is the way I would like to be!

  15. me too. that's the way i am with my clemence, for sure. would i be as daring with box... time will hopefully tell.